Microsoft Store extends iPad and iPhone $200 trade-in deals

As Microsoft gets ready to launch new versions of its Surface tablets in stores tomorrow, it is also extending two previous offers that could net someone at least $200 in a Microsoft Store gift card if they turn in an old iPhone and/or an iPad.

Microsoft first introduced the in-store trade-in offer for iPads in early September, with a cut off date of October 27th. It offered the same deal for turning in old iPhones later that same month, with the deadline set for November 3rdThis week, Microsoft quietly updated both dates on its Microsoft Store website. The new deadline to take advantage of these trade-in offers has now been extended to December 31st. That means that consumers have until the end of 2013 to get that gift card that could be used to help purchase a new Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 tablet.

Just a reminder: Apple's second, third and fourth-generation iPads are eligible for this trade-in offer (not the iPad mini, sorry), along with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The power cord for the devices must also be included when they are traded into the Microsoft Store.

Source: Microsoft via WPCentral | Image via Microsoft

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I traded my iPad with a screen that I changed after I cracked it. I did an awful job, ms gave me $200 for it because technically it was a cracked screen.

If your iOS devices are in rough enough shape that they don't have much resell value anyway, this isn't a bad return on investment. I wonder if they would take an iOS device with a cracked screen but otherwise works. I mean, what are they planning to do with these? Probably just throw them in the trash. Surely MS doesn't intend to resell them.

This is a good deal for owners of iPad 2. All the others (iPad 3/4, and iPhone 4S/5) should easily sell for >$200 w/ a little effort.