Microsoft Store set to open in McLean, VA on 11/17

New York City isn't the only place where Microsoft is doing it big. According to a news article on Softpedia, the doors of Microsoft's newest retail store is set to open at Tyson's Corner Center on November 17 at 10:00 AM, local time.

Like the festivities over here in NYC, there are some things being planned for the opening next week. At 9:30 AM, everything kicks off with the grand opening ceremonies. Half a hour later, the store will official open to the public. That will be all planned for that day. However, the fun will not stop there as on November 18 attending Microsoft partners will be invited to a private breakfast and tour of the store. The day after, Microsoft will be hosting a performance by Joe Jonas within the city.

In due time, Microsoft will have 75 stores around the country. As the company moves towards the opening of more retail stores, Microsoft will have a direct path to the consumers and provide a new location for consumers to obtain their favorite Microsoft products. 

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Its a smart decision to open one in Tysons Corner, its a very wealthy area, and those 2 malls are very active every day. Anytime you go there, whether on a week-day or weekend, it is always crowded. I do have one question, (since the article doesn't specify) is which of the 2 malls will it be located in? Hopefully for MS's sake its in the galleria one, which I believe is Tysons 1. Tysons 1 has a higher amount of consumer traffic than Tysons 2, but in all honesty, either one is a smart move.

BTW, if anyone is planning on heading there for the grand opening, be aware that traffic is extremely heavy there, so plan ahead and leave early.

Bit off topic (sorry) I know...

I am pretty disappointed to hear that the Nokia Lumia 800s are not available in Cyan on contract in UK from 16/11/2011...might be a while before this happens.

Microsoft sure seems to be doing a good job of opening these stores at a reasonable pace... Good for them. Now just to get some in the Northeast...

MASposts said,
Pumped for the MS Store opening in Valley Fair tommorow, congrats to Mclean for getting one of their own

Sadly I will be missing the grand opening . I'm definitely gonna be trying to make it down there this weekend though.