Microsoft Stores to begin opening this week

The first of the many Microsoft Stores to come will be opening this Thursday, in time for the Windows 7 official retail release. The store will sell all things Microsoft, from hardware including laptops, Xbox 360, Zune, keyboards and mice, to software including Windows 7, Office 2007 and Visual Studio.

The first of many planned Microsoft Stores are set to open with a bang this coming Thursday, with a special guest live performer, Ashlee Tisdale. The store will also be giving out gift bags and concert tickets to the first 1,000 visitors.

The first store is set to open in Scottsdale, Arizona, opening at 10AM. Microsoft plans on opening their next store in Mission Viejo, California, on October 29, 2009. More stores are planned to open in the following weeks and months across America and other countries.

Justin Bieber will be opening up the Mission Viejo, California location next Thursday with a special live performance at 5PM.

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AFAIK that video (Microsoft Retail Experience Center) is not one of the Microsoft Stores. It was just built for a trade show to demonstrate how you can use Microsoft tech to increase sales and productivity in any store/shop/supermaket.
Why would you got to a Microsoft Store when you can buy all the same stuff at your local supermarket or online(probably cheaper too)? Just seems like an ultra-expensive piece of marketing to me, still, it works for Apple

Microsoft Retail Experience Center sure leverage new technology experiences. *cries*

I see Microsoft continues their tradition with long product names.

Microsoft Retail Experience Center? Seriously? :S

I thought it was going to be called "Microsoft Store". Or "Windows Store".

Why not open one in Los Angeles, or Hollywood? I know plenty of spots where there is plenty of space and ample parking but one of the best ones was Circuit City Hollywood. Now the parking is used by the Childrens Hospital Employees and I'm right around the corner.

Yeah, those would be some good locations. NYC would be good as well. King of Prussia by Philadelphia would be a good location as well. I really look forward to seeing where the next stores will be opening. So far only these two have been announced as far as I know.

Well, I'm sure he didn't mean to insult any Arizonan's... But in all honesty, you WOULD expect them to start with major cities... Not to say that Scottsdale is small, but it's not NYC...

perochan said,
Arizona? lol.
thats the least likely place for me to guess the 1st microsoft store.

i thought would be a store near the HQ.

Scottsdale is quite an upscale city, there are a LOT of IT companies in the area. Choosing this location makes good sense.

haha I just think about the pressure on the sales staff that opening day. You know ALL the head execs of Microsoft will be breathing down their necks and picking out everything they do.

Man, If only i didn't work at 9AM i would go check out the opening. Its right down the street. I wonder what kind of computer hardware they will have there.

A day off work to go to the opening of a software store? I'm not sure I could live with myself.