Microsoft: Study shows its cloud centric partners have higher profits

As Microsoft kicks off its Worldwide Partner Conference today in Houston, Texas today, the company claims that its partners that have a heavy emphasis on cloud-based products and services generate more profits than companies that don't have that kind of business model.

Microsoft's press release says that, in a study it commissioned from IDC, its partners that have 50 percent of their revenue based on cloud products bring in 1.6 times more profits than partners that have less than 50 percent of its revenue from the cloud. More of the results of the study can been seen in the infographic shown below.

Microsoft states:

The study underscored the transformation taking place in the business world as more organizations of all sizes move their technology infrastructures to the cloud. In fact, according to the findings, cloud-oriented partners ... grow at double the rate, accrue new customers more than two times faster and generate 30 percent more revenue per employee compared with noncloud-oriented partners.

The study also predicts that by the year 2016, companies will spend a total of $98 billion on cloud IT services, which it adds is five time the growth rate compared to all IT spending.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Ilyes said,
Question: What is the cloud?

Distributed Computing's answer to IBM's Mainframe technology.
Linking together a bunch of complex hardware in a datacenter that then gets virtualized, hived off nodes to compute workloads for customers around the world via the internet.

Usage scenarios and implementation vary by vendor.
Cloud, because it's out there.......

Good luck with that when the US government decides that you are the next group it wants to marginalise... sorry I meant investigate for terrorism and these companies hand all your data over to the feds.

Give me a secure network and a well secured server any day