Microsoft suddenly remembers what Longhorn OS is

BILL GATES, the CEO of Microsoft, has recovered his short term memory loss and remembered what the next Microsoft operating system, Longhorn does. Just a few weeks ago he confessed himself baffled as to what Longhorn could be in an interview.

But speaking to financial analysts yesterday, it all came flooding back to him. Apparently Longhorn is not only going to be a Windows client, but there will be major changes made to Office products and to server products as well.

This makes sense. All the hardware vendors are getting totally over excited about PCI Express products which will start to appear next year. Microsoft is expected to do its part too by delivering some software that will be well groovy. Let's hope that Microsoft is capable of doing that. Our understanding is that early betas of Longhorn have been seeded to some Vole employees.

News source: The Inq

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