Microsoft sues more alleged Hotmail spammers

Microsoft has recently filed two "John Doe" lawsuits looking to crack down on spam (specifically advertising debt relief and adult Web sites) on its Windows Live Hotmail network. The first was filed on June 13 while the second was filed on Tuesday of this week. Microsoft has filed such lawsuits on an almost-monthly basis over the past year.

Microsoft alleges that a company doing business under the name Consumer Solutions Network sent "misleading, deceptive, and unsolicited commercial e-mails advertising debt relief help to Windows Live Hotmail account holders." Consumer Solutions Network operates several Internet domains including,, and, according to Microsoft. Microsoft has also sued unnamed defendants for sending spam that promoted pornographic Web sites through Hotmail. Microsoft claims that these spammers not only flooded Hotmail accounts with unwanted messages, but also used Hotmail itself to send large volumes of spam: "Many of defendants' illegal e-mail messages were sent using ... accounts obtained through false or fraudulent pretenses."

News source: InfoWorld

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I get spam in gmail, but obviously its filtered straight out to the spam folder, it's awesome.

I used hotmail twice in my life, and it's honestly just not worth it imo

For me, it's the opposite. I get a ton of junk in gmail and none in Yahoo. Hotmail has ALWAYS sucked as far as spam goes. I've had several accounts over the years, mainly just for testing other peoples stupid MSN Messenger, and have NEVER so much as sent out a single e-mail through hotmail, yet still get hammered with spam there.

Personally, I wouldn't use hotmail or messnger if it they were the last means of communications on earth to use.

If you think it's only hotmail, you need to see my yahoo box. I get on average 30 a day. It's highly annoying. The only email I don't get spam on is Gmail. I'll get maybe 1 or 2 a month which is why I use gmail for everything now.

It's about time MS caught up on this. Hotmail is the only mail provider I still see a dozen spam messages a day on. It would go a LONG way to making Hotmail viable if they weeded some of this out.