Microsoft Surface 2, Pro and Pro 2 tablets to get firmware updates today

Today is "Patch Tuesday" at Microsoft and that means the company will be releasing new software updates for a number of its products. Besides its planned security bulletins for Windows and Internet Explorer, Microsoft will also issue new firmware patches for its Surface 2, Pro and Pro 2 tablets (the Surface RT model won't get an update today).

Microsoft's Surface update history page has the details of what will be included in this month's firmware patches. All three tablets will gain support for the Surface Power Cover accessory with this software update; the Power Cover finally went on sale Monday and should start shipments on March 19th. All three tablets will also get improvements for multiple finger support when using the Touch Cover and Type Cover touchpads,

The Surface 2's firmware update will fix a bug that was stopping some units from powering back up from sleep mode along with some unnamed "stability and experience improvements". The patches for the Surface Pro and Pro 2 will both resolve some unnamed network connectivity issues and both will get improvements for their Miracast support.

Finally, the Surface Pro 2 update will get some additional features, such as support for daisy chaining monitors using DisplayPort 1.2 and improvements for using BitLocker so that a Surface cover can include PIN input.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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That's amusing... Not. My boss ordered a Surface Pro 2 256Gb months ago, around the time they were launched, and he's still waiting.

So now there's a firmware update for a device that hasn't even been delivered to him yet.

I hope they release some of the drivers that were released with December 2013 update and pulled back.
I think updated audio, wifi and display drivers are not released yet.

StarkWiz said,
I think updated audio, wifi and display drivers are not released yet.
I missed those for better or worse. Did they offer any tangible improvements that would make them a must-have?

Not sure, only those who were actually able to apply the December update successfully first time might know.
I am not happy with Surface Pro 2 speaker volume and there aren't much options in Sound control panel.
I am hoping that the update will improve audio.

StarkWiz said,
I am not happy with Surface Pro 2 speaker volume and there aren't much options in Sound control panel.
Same here, but then again I have so many BT speakers lying around the house (practically one in every room) that it's never been a real problem for me, and while on the move I use a good set of ear/headphones that goes along well with the Wolfson chip inside.

I don't have any BT speakers and for the same reason I am thinking of getting one. Can you suggest a good one ?
Also, I wonder why MS didn't put good speakers in this.
It's strange that iPad's mono speaker leaves Surface Pro 2's stereo speaker in the dust.

I have a whole bunch like I said - Beats, Logitech, Creative, JBL, a few Jawbone JamBoxes, a Nokia (Play 360°)... Each has its pros and cons and you definitely need to hear a few with your favorite type of music to decide what works best for you. Some are quite bass heavy, some the opposite, some have muddy lows etc. You might also want to look at other features like portability, battery life, ability to recharge phones and other devices, ability to answer calls through them and so on.

Edited by Romero, Mar 11 2014, 5:37pm :

Mugwump00 said,
Is the RT deprecated already?

Yes, they're done with the original Surface RT, I think the plan is to replace it with the new Surface Mini later this year.

I still get the occasional 'you're not getting the on-screen keyboard' issue, after un-snapping the touch-cover, and lock-ups. Not many, but they're quite annoying.

Nice. Support for the Power Cover. Cant wait to finally get it this month. Should help out my original Surface Pro a bit

If it lives up to its 70% claim or anywhere around 50% or so for moderate to heavy usage I think it'll be well worth it.

dopydope said,
It's going to be fat though ... thickness > 9mm

Yeah I am not even concerned about that. Besides, cant you detach the keyboard and use tablet only until battery runs low, then attach keyboard & extend battery life that way?