Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone promoted at Sundance Film Festival

The 2013 Sundance Film Festival is now underway in Park City, Utah as lots of Hollywood and media reps descend on the small skiing village to celebrate independent film marking. The event will conclude next Sunday with the world premiere of the Steve Jobs biopic jOBS.

Sundance is also seen as a huge marketing opportunity for businesses of all kinds to get their products in front of a media and celebrity hungry audience. Microsoft is no exception to this trend. The company is sponsoring the Sundance photo and video interview studio for the Entertainment Weekly media outlet.

The official Windows Twitter account has already posted a number of images from its EW Sundance promotion this weekend. Actors and film makers who will have their pictures taken at the EW photo studio will also get to check out the Surface tablet and Windows Phone devices.'s Sundance 2013 website is also sponsored by Surface and in turn Microsoft is posting EW's Sundance video interview recaps on its official Windows YouTube page.

Google is also joining in the Sundance marketing push. Its YouTube division worked with the Sundance Institute to post a selection of short films that are also premiering at the festival this year.

Source: Windows on Twitter | Image via Microsoft

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Yikes . I already have an iPhone so maybe it's best to get a ipad 4 and wait until the next surface release to see how the App Store matures if it even does. One thing I like is the quality of apple apps

TurboShrimp said,
I'm in the market and can't make up my mind on a surface RT or iPad 4

Surface hands down. The iPad has nothing on the surface.

elcapo24682 said,

Surface hands down. The iPad has nothing on the surface.

Except for Apps. Before you cry, I have a Surface. My RT gets half the love my old iPad did because of Apps. Once I jailbroke it and started recompiling apps like some of XDA Devs are doing, this thing was getting half the love. Now its the best tablet ive used.

Ezekiel Carsella said,
jailbroke? like the Surface RT? you mean use desktop apps? or bluestacks?

He mentions recompiling apps... so that must be desktop apps on Surface RT.

I love my surface rt, I like my ativ pc pro and will love my surface pro when is released. Best tablets hand down. My L920 I love too.