Microsoft Surface goes under the knife, splayed for viewing pleasure

If you are like us, we loved the Surface hardware and have been generally pleased with the build quality too. The cool kids over at iFixit got their paws on Microsoft's latest goods and did their thing; they tore it apart. 

The teardown doesn't reveal much but it is always interesting to see the engineering and design that goes into creating a tablet. After reviewing the tablet, it is clear that Microsoft spared no expense on build quality as the fit and finish was impeccable.

You can see all the breakdown images at the source link below and the iFixit crew gives the reparability of the Surface a score of 4. That score means that it is relatively tough to repair, but not impossible. 

We have yet to hear of any Surface accidents that would require fixing up to this point but we are sure the need will arise at some point in the future.

Source: Ifixit

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I'm thinking this looks really nice to repair? Perhaps i'm wrong my in my experience working on the likes of the ipad is pain because of the adhesive holding out down. I prefer being able to unscrew things because they go back together nicer.

Its interesting how screens are now flexible and foldable, wifi is built onto a single chip, CPUs are down to 22nm and come with built-in GPU cores...yet for the life of us we still haven't managed to truly revolutionize the battery (yet).
(I realize my comment is subjective)

UseLess said,
we still haven't managed to truly revolutionize the battery

We have. The oil companies have bought up all the technology so as to prolong our dependence on fossil fuels.

Mando said,
im blown away with how little PCB there is! thats impressive!

that's what you get when you go SOC (system on a chip)

Sotto_Zero said,
Oh, so that's what is below the Surface!

Looks like it's less repairable than most tabs. Do'h. Maybe on the next versions??