Microsoft Surface now on sale at retailers in France

Microsoft recently announced that it would be making the move to take its Surface tablet from limited distribution to a more robust solution that would involve third-party retailers. We have already seen in the US that Best Buy and Staples now offer the device and even Australia is getting in on the retail action.

If you happen to be in France and have been waiting to get your hands on the Surface, we have good news for you as the tablet is now on sale at FNAC with a starting price of 589 Euros. We are told that FNAC is similar to Best Buy in the states, but having never been to FNAC ourselves, we will take our tipsters word for it.

With expanded retail presence before the end of the holiday shopping season, Microsoft should be able to move a few more units as this will increase the availability for consumers to get their hands on the goods.

View: Surface at FNAC

Thanks for the tip Lauren!

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I work at Best Buy myself, so yeah, I can confirm us having them on sale here in the US as of yesterday. We didn't have it on display yet, but those that came in looking for it were able to purchase one.

paulheu said,
Its € 20 below the iPad 32GB actually, so yes I'd say it is..

With Surface of course you get about 16 GB of usable space, according to Microsoft.

€ 589 for 32GB Surface RT with cover includes 20% tax, so you would end up around $645 with the same model selling at $599 in the US. Taking your average markup for $ to € into account this is not that bad really.

Thsi is very good as many people interested can't have seen Surface elsewhere than ads. Fnac is a big Book-music-video-game-hich-tech retailer, with stores in many main city. the bad news is Fnac is also a big Apple retailer with at last on each store, the half computer space dedied to Macs and istuff... So Apple is very well represented with head wild and large white spaces, and PCs are tight in the rest... More often, for a same space there is two ipad and 5 or 6 other tablets on the other same, with a lot more cheap perception. So there is a risk for the Surface...
So, I bought mine on the online MS store on the first days and I know that Surface is a more qualitative builded device than any other android tablet i can have touched in Fnac... but is it enough ? Android tablets price is on a different position, Surface still expensive for the non-tech user. He will not see the keyboard, Office, usb, metro, quality designed etc. Surface bonuses, unless marketing space promote it.

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While not being that familiar with bestbuy, I can confirm you that FNAC is a lot like it. It specializes in distributing cultural goods like books and music, computers, hifi and high tech products. They do have the surface now as I was told by a salesman I got in touch with on the phone.
fellow French, go for it !

Well, I hope other FNAC's follow suit. Fingers crossed for Portugal. I don't know how best buy is, but FNAC seem's to be way more cultural. Seriously though, they have a lot concerts, readings, book presentations all in a auditorium/coffe house in all stores, really snobby. Also FNAC doesn't sell home appliances (washing machines).

A good thing is that they have Apple retail just like apple stores and are now getting Windows Experience corners like Microsoft Stores. And going all out, Fnac Chiado in Lisbon as a gigantic Video Wall just to promote MS products/Win8.