Microsoft Surface press event available on streaming video

We tried to do a live blog of today's Surface press event in New York City, but unfortunately we ran into some technical issues. Microsoft decided not to offer a live stream of the event but now the company has posted a streaming video replay of the Surface media conference.

The stream doesn't have any embedded code so you will have to go directly to the Microsoft press page to check it out. The video lasts just over an hour and mostly features Microsoft's Surface team leader Panos Panay showing off the Surface Pro 2, the Surface 2 and the new accessories that will be released for the tablets.

The video shows that Panay really seems to enjoy developing the Surface hardware with his team. You can also see how he teases ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley when he says the roadmap for the next three Surface generations is on his personal Surface tablet he brought with him to the press event.

What you can't see in the video is what happened after Panay's presentation, when tons of journalists tred to photograph and take videos of the very few Surface tablets that were brought to the conference. Needless to say, it was a struggle to get some hands-on time with both new Surface tablet models.

Source: Microsoft

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That was a really great presentation, despite the buzzwords. Surface Pro 2 looks hot and it seems Microsoft has done a great job in listening to the public. Really pleased with them.

The Surface 2 still isn't for me, but it looks sexy at least which is important for college kids who want a device for school that also doesn't look like ass. (not that the Surface does, but it could be better, and this is a great answer to that)

It was a good presentation, but it wasn't the buzzwords that annoyed me so much, it was his timing. Some times it felt rushed, others it felt too slow. But otherwise I would like to see him again, probably one of Microsoft's best presenters they have.

The most interesting thing to me is when he said the surface pro has the highest sales in it's category. We never hear about how good or bad it's doing but I am surprised it's at the top of the 'x86 tablet with detachable keyboard' pack.

Great product, I'll be getting the Pro to replace my old PC.

Now for Panay, my God he really needs some public speaking coaching. He comes off as such a prick with his delivery that by the end of the video all I could think off was punching his face. That's quiet an accomplishment to put me in that kind of state, can't say I ever felt like this from just watching a tech presentation.

Dude, I totally agree. So many buzzwords. He starts on about the kickstand and somehow starts talking about "confidence". What?? And then repeating himself like you didn't hear him the first time.

Jeez man I didn't think it was bad at all. His speaking skills can definitely be improved but overall I thought this was probably one of the best Microsoft presentations I've ever seen.
He did come off as a little cheesy and awkward at times but he was 2 things that you rarely see at these announcements: real and honest. For example he didn't pretend like battery life was not a problem with the Pro 1 - He acknowledged the issue and promised that it was fixed.

I think its the fact that he delivered the entire presentation feels like a late night infomercial. There are numerous instances in his presentation where he tells a joke, and you can hear the crickets in the audience. He was the only person laughing, at his jokes.

They made some great improvements. If I wasn't so pleased with my Surface Pro already I would definitely get the Pro 2. Unless they want to offer me a trade in

Panay did a good job showing the right features in the appropriate order. He speaks a little slowly though when he seems less interested in the topic; he was clearly excited about demoing the 6K video from the RED camera (granted, it was certainly an impressive demo).

The Surface Pro 2 will be hard to beat as long as Microsoft markets it well. But time has shown that they don't do a good job with it, so I hope that they have reflected on this past year.

Literally everything seems to be improved on both devices, so it should be an easy sell, except perhaps with the Surface 2 being $450 (although it appears that they understood speed was it's biggest drawback).