Microsoft Surface Pro launch event in NYC cancelled

Microsoft has decided not to hold its planned launch event on Friday in New York City for its Surface Pro tablet due to the incoming snowstorm that could bring up to a foot of snow in the city.

Microsoft previously had plans to hold the event at the Best Buy retail store in the Union Square section of Manhattan. The event was to be preceded by an invite only reception before the first Surface Pro tablet went on sale at that store at midnight on Friday night.

However, Microsoft's leader of the Surface team, Panos Panay, made a post on his Twitter account today announcing he would not be able to attend the event due to the snowstorm.

We contacted Microsoft to find out if the entire event had been cancelled and received this response from a company spokesperson:

Surface Pro launch activities in NYC have been cancelled due to weather; our best wishes for everyone impacted by the blizzard.

The Surface Pro tablets will likely go on sale online on the Microsoft Store website early on Saturday morning, and will be able to be bought in Microsoft Store retail locations in the US and Canada on that same day, as well as Best Buy stores in those two countries and Staples stores in the US.

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Why does this guy and others at MS say stuff like "super bummed" and "super pumped" instead of talking normally? Surely they don't actually talk like this, no one does. It's like it's come straight from marketing, in order to try and make MS sound cool and hip. But it just embarrasses them.,

Even when they do an AMA on Reddit they use this talk. And everyone complains but they continue to do it. I cringe when i see it.

Kind of funny. I wonder if Microsoft is happy they had an excuse to cancel it. I'm still going to local Microsoft Store at 10am on Saturday, though. No snow here. =)

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