Microsoft, Symantec settle Windows dispute

After nearly two years of litigation, Microsoft Corp. and Symantec Corp. have settled a dispute over data-storage technologies in Microsoft products.

The suit, filed by Symantec in May 2006, alleged that Microsoft wrongly used Symantec's technology in programs including the Windows Vista operating system. Symantec had acquired the technology in its purchase of storage company Veritas in 2005.

The companies declined to disclose financial terms and other details of the settlement. Symantec and Microsoft on Tuesday requested to dismiss the suit in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

Symantec's original suit, filed before Windows Vista's release, sought an injunction to "preclude the further development, sale or distribution" of Windows Vista until the disputed technology was removed.

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The agreement (1996) granted Microsoft the right to use the Veritas' volumn management technology in Windows NT. I think the problem is that the contract stated that Microsoft cannot develop software that competes with Veritas' own solutions, and that Vista contains a number of data management features that would contradict this.