Microsoft Teams with Siemens VDO Automotive

Software maker Microsoft Corp. announced today that it will work with Germany's Siemens VDO Automotive AG on a line of communication, information, entertainment and navigation products for vehicles in a deal which extends Microsoft's quiet push into the automotive space. The new products, which the companies said include high-end multimedia units and ways to better use portable devices like digital music players in cars, will be built on the Microsoft Auto platform. The two companies have promised to deliver the products to the market faster than the typical automotive industry's product development cycle. The first product, a multimedia platform built by Siemens that lets drivers use portable entertainment devices in the car, is expected to go into production as early as 2009. Financial details of the Microsoft deal were not disclosed.

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Tell you right now. I will never own a car that is controlled completely by software. For the simple reason thats it isn't perfect.

Imagine a car where the steering shaft isn't connected directly to the wheels, but connected to a box controlled by software. WAY to much room for error right there folks. Give me old fashioned hardware on hardware.

I don't mind my radio or interior lights being controlled by the software however. Call me crazy if you want.

A "quiet push" alright. And it will be even quieter once iPhone integration in cars takes off (Audi is already on board).

Reminds me of.... If Micro$oft made cars jokes. lol

Should be fine if this doesn't control any critical car controls. Last thing you want is a BSOD while driving and car stops. lol