Microsoft teases CES 2013 Windows Phone reveal on Twitter

Microsoft may not have an exhibit space at CES 2013, but the company has something up its sleeve for the big trade show in Las Vegas, at least when it comes to its Windows Phone OS.

The company used the Windows Phone Twitter page to reveal the following tease.

What could it be? Could it be the reveal of what Windows Phone 8 devices that will be sold by Sprint? Maybe its that smaller and lighter version of the Nokia Lumia 920 that is rumored to be in development. Or could it be the launch of something totally and completely unexpected?

Update: We now know that this announcement is in reference to Sprint bring two Windows Phone 8 devices on board.

Source: Windows Phone on Twitter

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The exciting news is probably that Google is finally going to make native maps, youtube, and gmail apps for windows phone. /s

It should be a new Nokia due later this year or my hope, the announcement of a surface phone. They shouldn't waste a announcement on 7.8. I'd prefer it if 7.8 didn't exist.

It has to be WP 7.8 for all... lesser... WP devices. It's the only logical thing that could happen. If it was a Windows Phone Surface, MS would hold a much, much bigger announcement for it.

Windows Phone 7.8, Lumia 920 on all carriers (at least I know it's possible in Canada based on rumours)... and Surface Phone!!!!!! (doubt it but hopefully!)

My 920 does this. I hit the power button to display the screen and there is no response. Nothing at all. Without the display there is no way of knowing if the phone is frozen or off. Holding the buttons in the correct combination resets the phone and then it boots up. (When I say reset I mean the hardware not the settings or OS.) A co-worker has the same issues. Since the latest update he has not had the issue. I have had it twice since the latest update. Other 920 owners are complaining too. So I don't think it is only related to one or a few phones.

Yeah. I was fine before the recent large update. After that update it has been hell. Music stops playing, phone freezes and have to do a hard reset, speaker stops working and have to reset the phone. That update really trashed my phone.

Wow, I thought I had it bad with my phone freezing. Sometimes my music stops playing too. I will start playing music with a different app and it will start working again. If not then I reboot. In my case I think the music not playing due is app related. My speaker is fine though.

vcfan said,
Agreement with ea to bring all their games to windows phone

And then take a whole year before they are actually released!

greensabath said,
I'm hoping for new Nokia 920 on ALL Carriers!!!! Wishful thinking I know..

Not happening. But it's a sad thing really.

I hope for a global rollout of 7.8, a new phone, a release on Sprint, idk...

Dot Matrix said,
If it's not 7.8, then GTFO...

I doubt it's 7.8. We already know all about it. I even have it on my Lumia 800.

rfirth said,

I doubt it's 7.8. We already know all about it. I even have it on my Lumia 800.

We know nothing about it, and the Lumia are the only devices that have it. Great, but where is it, and when is it being released to the broader market?