Microsoft Tech-Ed 2007 - June 4-8

Neowin will be covering anything and everything from Tech-Ed 2007 this year.

Microsoft's annual conference for IT Pros and Developers is dedicated to providing technical training, information and resources related to Microsoft technologies.

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simon360 said,
Wait... so WWDC and TechEd are in the same month?

What is this, developer month?

TechEd isn't a developers conference, it's more of an IT Pros conference with developer references. WWDC is more geared toward developers.

Mr. Dee said,
Not according to the About Dialog in BETA 3.

Thats because Microsoft updated the name to reflect the official name. Longhorn will always be the codename.

Mr. Dee said,
The technologies listed above are IT focus, not developer, which is Orcas which will be at PDC.

Though PDC is delayed, if not canceled. Last I read anyways.

I am here too since Saturday, staying @ the Wyndham Resort. If any neowinian's wanna hookup after hours send me a pm ;)

Gonna add pictures once I am back hehe.

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