Microsoft testing fix for SMS bug that disables Windows Phones

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After confirming just over two weeks ago a critical SMS attack vulnerability in Windows Phone 7 devices was possible, Microsoft is now reportedly testing a fix to the flaw that was first discovered by Khaled Salameh earlier this month. “[Microsoft's] Security Team contacted me today, they’ve confirmed the WP7 SMS Bug and found the root cause, a fix is currently under testing,” Salameh tweeted on Wednesday.

Just to recap, the flaw is in the Windows Phone 7.5 (or "Mango") operating system. If someone discovered the exploit, they could use it to disrupt a Windows Phone device via a SMS-based attack.

So far there's been no details about how exactly this SMS flaw works to disable Windows Phone. It also doesn't appear to affect any security features. However, it's still an annoyance and clearly a issue that Microsoft can and should fix quickly via either an over-the-air update to Windows Phone 7.5 or an update that requires connecting the Windows Phone device to a PC and downloading the fix via the Zune software.

Although there is no word on when the fix will be made available, we expect Microsoft would probably like to nip this one in the bud as soon as possible.

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Palpatine said,
Doesnt this bug also affect iOS or Android? I thought it is not WP7 only.

This one is a WP7 issue, but both iOS and Android have had SMS flaws discovered in the past. That's not to say more won't be discovered.

I'm glad to see that Microsoft is hard at work to resolve this issue. I would expect nothing less. Although WP7 and iOS seem more like a walled garden, I'd prefer that and being protected then a open mess not knowing if your device will run a newer version or if the bug you have will be fixed.

@enron exchange nice neighbourhood with sterile prison and ghetto with nice neighbourhood. You may get robbed in the neighbourhood but if you lock the door and check who comes into your house you're pretty safe ;-)

neonspark said,
does not disable the phone. it prevents you from accessing the chat app. everything else works.

With the exception of if it lands on a home screen Tile, such as the Me tile, then the whole phone seizes up, however, if you can reboot and get to that tile and remove it from the home screen before it flips over to show the message, then you are in the clear

Neobond said,
Guys this isn't a OS vs OS story. Try to ensure your comments don't get deleted!

You moderators should be more proactive on removing troll/flame comments, specially from repeat offenders (we all know who they are from all the sides - iOS, Android and WP7).