Microsoft tests WLMessenger updates via Windows Update

Using Windows Update, Microsoft has quietly rolled out an update for beta testers using the next version of Windows Live Messenger. The obvious advantage is having the option of being able to update yet another Microsoft product in the same familiar place. The Windows Update client in Vista downloads the update, creates a restore point, install the update - and it can do this all without any user-interaction, if you should choose to. The description of WLM 8.5 Beta 1 Update 1 is as follows: “This update is being used to test how Microsoft Updates are distributed for Windows Live Messenger. While there are no actual changes to Messenger at this time, it's important for Messenger Beta testers to receive this update. Thanks for helping test Messenger!

There may not be any “actual changes” but nevertheless the build number has changed from 8.5.1235.0517 to 8.5.1238.0601. The update seemed to go fine for me, what about you?

Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Windows Live Messenger | Forum Discussion (Thanks snsn)

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Worked fine for me in Vista, and as Marshalus rightly said, folk will gripe and complain if this didnt work right, after all its beta anyhow so could be prone to issues.. hence testing ( OK there are bugs after testing too but what OS or Software is fully bug free ), not that I have had many as yet testing all the live apps, only feedback I have had to give was suggestions.

Pushing WGA? well doesnt a company have the right to protect its product? easy option and its your choice as we all have choices is not to use Microsoft products.

Nice to see this implemented. Hate to be bothered with updates when using WLM . Now I can just update in a simple reboot of my Vista PC.

black_death said,
Im pretty sure theyre exactly the same

No they are not. As has been pointed out. Windows Update is just for Windows. Microsoft Updates cover Windows, Office, WLM, IE, and other MS Apps.

What i don't get is why they are still using windows update, unless they arent, Micosoft update nowdays is way easier and the one that updates office, sql, etc etc, basically all MS products, from all my understanding windows update only updates windows and windows components. i reckon just get rid of windows update and just have MS update.

isn't it actually on Microsoft Updates...and not on the Windows Update....Microsoft Updates other WU only does Windows.

jwjw1 said,
isn't it actually on Microsoft Updates...and not on the Windows Update....Microsoft Updates other WU only does Windows.

You can blame (or thank) the DOJ for that.

(edit, whoops, this reply was meant for comment number 12... sorry)

it came through for me a day or so ago, i thought was something fishy with it but didn't post about it on neowin. as good of an idea it is it's not a good way to do specially for force reboot to install messenger what a joke.

It isn't a fix. In the past updates to Messenger were done through Messenger. Now updates to Messenger will be through Microsoft Update. MS had to test the update process of Messenger through Microsoft Update to look for bugs in the system.

Yes it worked fine here for the beta on XP. I also don't know why this would be that big a deal to implement aside from the fact that its just a program versus most updates are IE or Outlook fixes.

Sorry, I think I am too stupid for this, what exactly Ms test with that update if the updater from Vista works? It update Viste, Office, OneCare, ... but the messenger could make trouble?

For those of you still running XP with Microsoft Updates, there is a change I did not see before. WLM has been added to the Microsoft Updates page as part of what updates MU looks for. It looks like any new updates to WLM will come through MU.

I also got this message when I was on my XP box yesterday. I didn't install it because I know it will most likely kill my A-patch and Messenger Plus plug-ins. (I know I know, I'm such a lazy ass )