Microsoft: The Advantages of using illegal software

Microsoft has committed large resources into educating people on the illegal use of software and how it harms the industry since the launch of Windows 95. But a member over at has spotted an error with the latest update for the Windows Genuine Advantage Tool on Dutch versions of Windows XP, it comes with a significant typo that could be taken the wrong way.

As the pic shows for our Dutch readers it says "Laat mij enkele voordelen zien van het gebruik van illegal software als ik op voltooien klik" which when translated to English reads "Shows me some advantages of using illegal software when I click Finish" The link points to the Windows Genuine Advantage site which does anything but endorse the use of illegal software, doh!

Someone's having a laugh! Granted typos happen but one as significant as this will probably prompt an immediate/within a day or two update from Microsoft to rectify the error.

News source: Bink

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I'm not trying to start flames, but I find it funny how that if this had happened with Apple, everyone would have a sht fit. (see: February 50th)

Still funny though. :P

Hahaha, that one just popped up for me today and i had to read it twice to make sure it really said what it said...then i was like huh wha advantages of illegal software....rofllol!

My first responce on seeing the download was "huh, Windows version is legal..i already bought your advantage kit last year!" Because it stated that one gets these notifications if their Windows version is illegal.