Microsoft: The Xbox One could have been called Xbox Infinity

Before Microsoft announced that its next generation Xbox game console would be called the Xbox One at its May press event, the company debated the merits of a number of possible alternatives. One of them has been confirmed to be Xbox Infinity, a name that was widely rumored to be the final one for the console in the months leading up to May's big reveal.

In a new interview for Forbes, Albert Penello, the head of marketing and planning for Microsoft's Xbox division, said that the name for the console was kept a secret even from many top members of the Xbox team until the last minute. When asked if Xbox Infinity was one of the names that was considered by the brand team, Penello said"

The name Xbox Infinity was in the running, I can say that. They’re crafty. Who’s to say that they didn’t leak that name out in the weeks ahead of the launch? They are very crafty.

In fact, a logo with the Xbox brand next to an infinity symbol made the Internet rounds in April, which caused many people to believe that this was indeed going to be the name of the game console. As it turned out, the logo was a fake, created by a Reddit user named C-Ron. While that logo may have been a red herring, it would appear that the name Xbox Infinity was tossed around as a possible selection for the console.

Source: Forbes | Image via C-Ron

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I Liked XBOX Infiniti better. I Wish they had more passion for naming at Microsoft. anyway, all I care is that XBOX One is a good device so I will buy it.

Xbox One isn't really a good name, it's decent. Everyone seems chill because they are use to hearing the name.... and its simple.

Obviously Xbox Infinity wouldn't have worked too well when the next one comes out, unless they pull a Final Fantasy, Xbox Infinity 2, 3, 4, etc. I still don't like the name Xbox One, it doesn't really make too much sense, even if they mean it's the One device you'll need, which it isn't, it still needs cable/satellite/HDTV in general input to make the TV functions work. you'll still need a modem to make the internet functions work, and if they had their way, you'd need internet to make anything on it work, even games. blah blah blah, I don't even know my point anymore, I just don't like the name. The End.

I preferred Infinity, were just going to have the next however many years of people calling it "x-bone" now.

From what i hear your still going to need some other box to make use of the TV features, so its not really one box to rule them all (yet). I guess the plan could be to add USB tuners or IPTV at a later date, i hope so anyway.

Both names sound good. I'm happy with XBOX One though. Both names pretty much some up the console for what it is.
One device to rule them all, or infinite possibilities. Definitely going to be the console of all consoles.

I'm happy with the name right now. Don't see why people get so confused. One means one input source. It's the one device to rule them all.

Sly_Ripper said,
You still need a cable box, so not really.

one input means the input channel on tour tv. Not devices under the tv. Just no having to change input.

Mr.XXIV said,
I'm using Time Warner Cable to watch TV on my Xbox 360. What makes it any different?

One day you may decide to cut the cord.. Xbox One may update one day to support other ways tv is viewed other than cable/satellite

Showan said,

One day you may decide to cut the cord.. Xbox One may update one day to support other ways tv is viewed other than cable/satellite

That depends, I'm using TWC on my Mac, iPad, iPhone, Xbox and the DVR itself. If Xbox manages to give me the same capabilities, then I may cut the cord.