Microsoft to alpha test Office 14 before end of year

Microsoft will begin alpha testing the next version of Office in November or December, according to a blog posting by a Microsoft employee that was later pulled from the Web. According to the blog posting, by Hayley Rixon, who works on the Microsoft business intelligence team, Microsoft is calling for people to be part of a technology adoption program (TAP) that will give them an early opportunity to test the monitoring and analytics components of Office PerformancePoint Server.

The TAP for this product will be a part of the TAP for Office 14, the alpha test of which will begin in the "November/December timeframe this year," according to the blog posting. Office PerformancePoint Server is business performance analysis software that will be a part of the Office 14 release. While the blog posting was live on Microsoft's Technet site on Monday afternoon Eastern time, by afternoon on the West coast the Web site was no longer working. The post also no longer appears on Rixon's blog.

Microsoft could not be reached for comment Tuesday about the site no longer being active. However, on Monday through its public relations firm Microsoft said that while the Office team is working on the next version, "it is too early to discuss specific features, capabilities or timing" for the product. The deadline for submissions to be a part of the Office PerformancePoint Server TAP is Aug. 28, according to the post.

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Outlook needs some serious work. It's slow as hell and crashes on me quite a bit using IMAP. Everything else is decent, but some apps in the suite still need the ribbon to be implimented

Can't wait to see what, if any, new tablet-based features make it into OneNote.

Inking support with the 'napkin math', perhaps? That'd make my day...

So, since Office 2007 is 12, I take Office 13 is the Office 2008 for Mac?

64bit and multithreading would be nice. I can choke the life out of Excel with some graphics sometimes.

blog was was just a cheap tactic to get people to test the monitoring and analytics components...thinking they will also be selected to beta test office 14....