Microsoft to clamp down on spam over IM

Microsoft's next version of its instant messenger application will have a new security feature to report users who send unsolicited messages, known as SPIM (spam over IM). That's one of several new features in Windows Live Messenger 9.0, which was released to some private beta testers on Tuesday, according to, a site that focuses on Microsoft's Live brand of Web-based applications.

The problem with SPIM is that it's annoying and, at worst, dangerous. The tricky part is that the hacker may have obtained someone's IM account details, so it appears that a genuine contact is sending the messages. After compiling a list of IM contacts, hackers try to trick users into clicking links. Those links can often launch an unwanted installation of spyware or other malware via a browser vulnerability or other security hole.

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I would rather see them put the features in the damn server or the protocol itself than only in the "official" client.

Seems rather silly for them to put something like the nudge wait only in their client when that can easily be fixed in the server by limiting it before it gets to the other end.

internetworld7 said,
Yet another reason to switch to a Mac and use iChat. :cool:

Yes! Then you can talk to all three of the other users!

Seems to me like this guy's been fanboying over macs on every friggin Neowin news article for quite a while now...

You're entitled to have your own opinions and everything but... get a life... and maybe a PC too while you're at it :P

So... you want me to spend a dumb amount of money on a computer, and download something that doesn't operate with Windows Live Messenger contacts and ditch all my WLM buddies, JUST to stop spam that I don't even get?

... jog on.

Messenger has the Hey check out this vid/pic of us links spam/virus'
Skype has plenty of 'Hi I'm a horny girl on webcam/mass electronic device retailer' spammers
AIM had it's fair share of cam-gurlz too
YIM not used it much so not sure how it fares
Gtalk no one really uses it anyway

So are they talking about those viruses that send messages like "hey! look at this funny pic" and send you a strange link? There's only been one time where I almost got caught by it, lol.
I wish teh internetz had no evils (viruses, spam, hackers etc) it would be a much better place not worrying about garbage like this :suspicious:

Try clamping down on all the "penis" spam that's coming out of your Hotmail servers too, Microsoft. :P