Microsoft to hold Visual Studio 2013 launch at 10 am Eastern

While Visual Studio 2013 has been available for purchase and download for a few weeks now, today is the day that Microsoft has decided to hold a virtual launch event for the latest version of its popular development tools at 10 am Eastern time.

You can watch the event via Microsoft's website, where Microsoft executives S. Somasegar, Scott Guthrie, and Brian Harry will participate in a keynote session. They will go over the new features in Visual Studio 2013, and after that Microsoft will hold online technical sessions and interactive interviews with team members.

Neowin will also post our own Visual Studio 2013 interview with Brian Harry, Microsoft Technical Fellow in charge of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and other developer collaboration tools, at 10:30 am. In addition, Brian will join us here on the website at 5 pm Eastern and answer additional questions from Neowin readers in our news comments. So ask away - whatever's on your mind in regards to Visual Studio 2013.

We want to thank Microsoft for helping us cover the launch of Visual Studio 2013 and we look forward to Brian's live Q&A with our community later today.

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spy beef said,
Is there a big difference between this and 2010? I am still using 2010, and it's pretty good.

Huge difference between 2010.

I'm using 2010 RTM for my day to day, and 2013 at home.

Coming to work is a pain.

64-Bit Edit and continue; step through debugging on Azure deployed websites.
aaah the goodness.

Edited by deadonthefloor, Nov 13 2013, 4:46pm :

Great app, the best Visual Studio so far. Microsoft did nice GUI changes very minor but very helpful, much easier to work with than with VS 2012.