Microsoft to kill Danger services for T-Mobile users on May 31

A few years back, Sidekicks were all the rage for the tweens and teens. Few devices at that time had the loyal following like the Sidekick brand endured, but fast forward a few years and add in a couple new mobile platforms, and the Sidekick is about to be punted into history.

T-Mobile has announced that, as of May 31, "Microsoft's Danger Service, which is used to provide cloud data services to T-Mobile Sidekick users, will no longer be available," according to For those who use the service, T-Mobile will be providing offers to all current users and will also be publishing a web tool to export the customers data. The tool will be able to export all of your data which will help make the transition a bit more palatable. 

The Sidekick brand has been slowly been removed from the marketplace as the hardware is now outdated and faces many rivals including Android. For those still using the platform, your days are unfortunately numbered, but if you need some comforting, find a KIN user and ask them for advice

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I never had one but the Sidekick was an amazing brand. They were the most powerful feature phones available pre-iPhone days. They introduced the the appstore to mobile phones (correct me if I'm wrong), exemplified fantastic cloud syncing, and they were pretty nifty devices. Obviously not for everyone, they were targeted to the younger generation. Everything has an end however. RIP

Wasn't there a nasty debacle a few years ago about T-Mobile losing Sidekick data? I'm sure that would be a nasty blemish on your reputation too.

$hit tmo started to traffic shaping mp3 file downloads to 10kb/second. can't listen podcast without wifi.

I had one, it was nothing special. The phone was annoying at best.

It's worth noting though that T-Mobile is releasing another sidekick, just the next one will be Android-bsaed.

The Black Mamba said,
Kill the unnecessary services and apply the engineering and R&D resources when they are needed the most.

The R&D of Danger went to KIN and we know what happened. Next they have joined WP7 team.......

alexalex said,

The R&D of Danger went to KIN and we know what happened. Next they have joined WP7 team.......

Sorry, but the studio/cloud based platform of the kin was an awesome price of technology, the physical product failed but that doesn't necessarily say anything for the software team behind it.