Microsoft to launch new Xbox 360 bundle, free Borderlands 2 and Forza Horizon

Microsoft is still actively supporting and selling its eight year old Xbox 360 game console and today the company announced a new bundle that will include two free games along with a free month of Xbox Live Gold service.

The Major Nelson site reports that the spring 2014 Xbox 360 bundle will be based on the 250GB version of the console. The two free games that will be included are Forza Horizon, the 2012 racing game from developers Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios, and a code to download a digital version of Borderlands 2, the acclaimed sci-fi FPS-RPG hybrid sequel from developer Gearbox Software and publisher 2K Games.

The price for the new bundle in the US will be $249.99 at several retailers when it goes on sale, which is a $50 discount compared to its normal price of $299.99.

Despite the Xbox 360 launching in November 2005, Microsoft reported on Thursday that 114,000 units of the console were sold in the U.S. in February 2014. Microsoft has yet to announce when it will end support for the Xbox 360 but it looks like that won't happen for some time to come.

Source: Major Nelson | Image via Microsoft

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Is this offer going to be available outside the US?

We (me and one of the guys who lives with us) tossed up buying an XBONE or a new 360 to system link. We went with the 360, not only is the XBONE prohibitively expensive in New Zealand but we'd have to buy new games as well. Interesting to see MS still supporting the console along those lines. I estimate a good year before manufacturers develop elusively for the XBONE and stop 360 support as the user base is so massive.

That's cool, both good games. Did you see that they're going to discontinue the $99 subscription based Xbox 360 though?

$249.99 ??!! LOL! Way too expensive. I was looking to replace my original white 360 but not at that price. Oh well. Hopefully it doesn't die out on me (or take off into space) anytime soon

I had to get a slim, or I'd go nuts. At least installing games made it less noisy somewhat on the old model... But I had two die on me and warranty expired.