Microsoft to now list security updates for Windows 8 apps

Microsoft normally issues security updates for its normal software products on the second Tuesday of each month, otherwise known as "Patch Tuesday.' Today, the company did just that as it issued seven updates, four of them critical, for a variety of Microsoft software products.

However, the company is also having to deal with the fact that Windows 8 and Windows RT also have a number of Modern style apps, including some made by Microsoft themselves, that made need their own security upgrades. Today, the company announced that it will be issuing security advisories as needed for any Windows 8 apps.

Microsoft said that the advisories will include the apps that are pre-loaded for all Windows 8 and RT PCs, including the Weather app made by the Bing team, that are updated via the Windows Store. The updates could be issued on dates besides "Patch Tuesday" and will include the standard Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article number so that people can see a full change log.

Microsoft added:

When the same vulnerability affects a traditional and an app version of a software application, we will make every effort to release updates to both applications simultaneously through our normal security update release process on the second Tuesday of the month, except when customer risk justifies releasing an out-of-band update.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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How the heck does the weather app need security updates?
Apart from connecting to a specific weather service, it shouldn't have permission to do anything else on the system?

I have Windows 8 on a older dell desktop. I had got rid of all of those useless apps on metro, and use metro just as a gigantic start menu. What is the point of a weather app and email app if you can do all of those things in IE10 on the desktop? This is exactly why Microsoft needs to release either a Windows 8 desktop edition or re-release Windows 7! Us real PC users don't waste time playing angry birds! Windows 8 is not bad, and is in ways better than Windows 7, but Android like apps are ridiculous on a desktop and laptop!

They have their benefits. You can point a malware prone friend or family member to the app store and they can download all the games/crap they want and still be safe. I like the email app because it gives notifications, which you won't get in IE10, especially if you close the browser.
The apps are also really low power and resource usage, it's better to run metro apps than desktop widgets/apps if you do things like game or watch videos. Lastly, since you use the start screen like a full screen start menu, there's not much lost, you get up to 60 apps open-able in 2 clicks, so I rather like it.

Definitely good news. I thought one of the benefits to the Modern Style Apps though was that they were inherently more secure...

J_R_G said,
They can be more secure and still have flaws. There's a difference between "better" and "perfect".

That may be true, but Metro apps are more secure then desktop apps by default. You can't leave gaping holes in Metro apps that will seriously risk the platforms security like you can with the simplest desktop programs.