Microsoft to offer rewards for buying and playing Xbox Live Arcade games

Microsoft wants to promote its library of downloadable Xbox Live Arcade games in April by offering people who purchase and play these games some extra rewards. The details were revealed today as part of a new program called MyPunchcard.

Microsoft's Major Nelson website stated that, from April 1-30, people who are signed up for the Xbox Live Rewards program will be eligible to earn these free extras when they reach some achievements. People who simply play any combination of Xbox Live Arcade for 20 hours during this period will receive a free Xbox Live avatar.

Players who buy four Xbox Live Arcade games, each priced at 400 Microsoft points or higher, will get one free month of Xbox Live Gold service. Finally, players who spend 3,200 Microsoft points on any combination of Xbox Live Arcade games will get 800 free Microsoft points back.

If Xbox 360 gamers reach all three of these goals, they would have filled out all three of their virtual MyPunchcard slots. What happens next? Microsoft claims those gamers "will be guaranteed a spot in an upcoming VIP Exclusives." However, the details of what these VIP Exclusives will be have not yet been revealed.

Source: Major Nelson

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this is great for people who were going to buy arcade games already, but otherwise i just feel it is very little incentive for the average gamer. You have to do too much to gain the rewards, it almost not worth it. It feels like Microsoft is really nickle and diming the rewards. Either go all in and give some great rewards or dont bother. Here's my thought: Between between april 1-30 but an arcade game and get another of your choosing at 50% off, wouldnt that be fantastic? Wouldnt it puch a person who wasnt going to buy anything anyways to now but 2 products? and its super easy for the person to do too.