Microsoft to open retail stores

Microsoft has recently appointed David Porter Corporate Vice President of retail stores, who has 25 years experience with Wal-mart and 2 years with DreamWorks Animation in 2007. In a recent post on Neowin, a video demonstrated a futuristic fake Microsoft store that took a look into the Redmond head office store. The move to open up a retail store would compete with Apple in the operating system department, and the Sony Store to compete in the gaming department.

In a quote from David Porter, he said:
"There are tremendous opportunities ahead for Microsoft to create a world-class shopping experience for our customers," Porter said. "I am excited about helping consumers make more informed decisions about their PC and software purchases, and we'll share learnings from our stores with our existing retail and OEM partners that are critical to our success."

Not many details have been released about the retail stores opening up or where, but it appears that Microsoft could offer pre-built Windows Ready PC's, Windows 7 and other Microsoft software like Live services, mobile smartphones, their portable media player Zune, Xbox 360 console and games all with a unique user experience in the store.

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So Microsoft becomes another version of Best buy and Circuit city, but the only difference would be every device they sell in the MS store would be running their software or have some sort of MS imprint onit.

It's about time! This would be a great opportunity for them to compete against the Apple retail stores. I hope they bring some stores to the Atlanta. I'd gladly look into getting a job there as well.

Not saying that it is in the works, but it would be awesome to see Microsoft get directly into making their own brand of personal computers. I could see them easily going head-to-head with Apple in this custom, high end market. Course the key phrase would be high end; certain that their machines would be equally expensive. Oh well, one can dream.

I agree that Microsoft should consider making their own brand of personal computers. They have made excellent hardware products in the past, so I can't see why they can't make their own PCs.

That would an awesome way to launch the Zune in Europe. Of course, the damn EU would try to sue them over it. "Monopoly!!! Antitrust!!! Rabble rabble rabble"

Their hardware proucts are good. But the big retails have not done much to really push those products. They have a better chance of really showing the average joe's what their products are about by doing it themselves.

Yeah because there was a set date that all shops in the world had to open by, and any that open after that date are "late".

Don't talk rubbish mate.

I think MS will be able to sell more copies of Windows and other products more efficiently by teaching "regular people" how Windows and other applications run. I'm no "hooray for Microsoft" type of guy, but it will most likely increase sales and teach people how to use some of the products. If "regular" users see how the products actually work and learn somewhat of how some of the applications and features work they will purchase alot more of the products... (Sorry if this doesn't make total sense, too many Rum & Cokes)

Apple's training sessions sorta felt like a cult-indoctrination when I witnessed one last time I was in an apple store (I Had to swap out my macbook for a new one after it's board hardfailed 2 hours after I bought it.) it also looked like it was full of lots of people you wouldn't normally think of users who would be learning a lot of interesting and powerful things.

If Microsoft can do the same thing, and present itself as a friendlier face then It could be a good thing for both Microsoft and the tech industry as a whole.

Nice, it would generate some very much needed jobs during these bad times. Hopefully they make one where I live, I could use a part-time job to pay my tuition instead of increasing my student debts.

Very good point. I'd love to see these pop up, it's time there was a place to go to get some impromptu training on running Windows for the average user as well as a one stop shop for products that work with Windows...such possibilities.

This will be awesome. It would be good if they end up selling computers as well because they're not likely to sell something that doesn't run windows flawlessly.

exactly my thought... they may subsidize pc's to not have all of the offer software and trialware pre-installed. this may be a great place to purchase a pc and not have to go through the ritual of removing software for the first hour after turning it on.

I would think that Microsoft started this move way late in the game.

People are set in their ways of where they purchase and how. This might go well for a few of their products, but I think this might be an honest waste of time for them, and not show a decent profit return.

Much like how 3dFX used to work. They got into the video card business, instead of sticking to the chipsets. It didn't work out well for them, and NVIDIA swooped in.

I presumme you do not work with anything retail. The power microsoft has over other companies basically means they can probably make better profit than any similar store out there.

The fact that nVidia chipsets were better may have had something to do with it too. At the time, 3dfx only had 16-bit 3d graphics.

The demise of 3DFX was not because they didn't get in to the chipset business. It's because they took forever to bring out a new card whereas NVidia had one coming out about every 6 months (at the time).