Microsoft to Protect Consumer Privacy

Microsoft will start erasing data from web searches after 18 months, unless it receives consent to store it longer. Microsoft is calling on the rest of the Internet industry to support it, with a common set of privacy practices. This week Yahoo will lay out its own plans for a similar policy for making search data anonymous within 13 months of receiving it.

These follow privacy regulations announced last month by Google, the leading Internet search provider. Privacy groups say they are especially concerned by Google's ability to match search data with information collected from other services like email, instant messaging and maps.

News source: NPR

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Interesting that when <insert any random company> does X, it's nothing much, but when MICROSOFT does the exact same X, even if it is for a change for the better, the anti-MS trolls come out in full force. Shows the maturity of some of the posters here.

Microsoft protecting our privacy is like putting Dick Cheney in charge of Homeland Security. Wait a minute...

"In order to protect your privacy from terrorists (e.g. everyone not Microsoft), Microsoft requires that users install Microsoft Backdoor 2008 Ultimate Edition. Microsoft will not record any personally identifiable info except for your IP address, MAC address, PID, account names, passwords, serial numbers and email addresses. Have a nice day."

Icedaze said,
what about the famous index.dat, is it still found in vista?

I think this is from the point of view of web search engines, not the OS

Icedaze said,
what about the famous index.dat, is it still found in vista?

What about it? It's not a problem if you don't use IE.
This is why I have Firefox.

sounds to me like PR at its best :P

Isnt this the same as what google did, except instead of saying 'they are erasing stored data after 18months' they are 'keeping data for 18mo'...which obviously makes it sound worse :P

erase data after 18months....oh that makes me feel so 'protected and secure'....gosh...nothing can happen in 18 months...thanks MS.. 8) the consent ideal...LOL

Federal Government (in the US) requires public entities to store financial data on itself and its customers for 7 years! So, 18 months in this case is a very short time!