Microsoft to release ODF translator for Word

A Microsoft-sponsored open-source project is expected on Friday to release a translator that will convert file formats between Microsoft Office and rival standard OpenDocument, or ODF. Microsoft started the project at SourceForge last year, relying on three partners to develop the code that lets a user open and save word processor documents in two different formats. The Microsoft format is called Office Open XML (OOXML), which is the default document format in the company's recently released Office 2007 suite. The other is ODF, which is backed by Microsoft competitors IBM, Sun and Novell.

The plug-in will work with Microsoft's Word application, including the latest Office 2007 version as well the Office 2003 and Office XP editions, Microsoft said. Once installed, a person can open and save documents in the ODF format from Word. People can download the software, available under the open-source BSD licence, for free from SourceForge on Friday. Microsoft intends to make the software available from its own website as well, the company said.

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As soon as I saw this I fired off an email to my buddies in tech. I may be late in this but I think this still holds up.

WOW! - Maybe there's more than meets the eye...

This is really a pretty big deal as far as I can see. I'm not sure that most people would get this. The thing to remember is that Microsoft Office is one of, if not the, largest profit makers for Microsoft. If Microsoft is going to open the door to Open Document Format then either they are turning the corner of cracking the door to letting someone (open source code writers) see some code, or there is something they are up too. I'm not sure what, and it may be years before anyone knows. Kind of like when Microsoft made that kick-ass wireless interface and also made Microsoft AntiSpy/Windows Defender free, it makes you wonder just what they are up to. I doubt that they will ever admit that the open format is better, but it would be cool if they made that the default format to save documents. It also may be that they realize that they have the best office suite. Office has so much development behind it that it should be the best, but if something like is making inroads toward their profit, maybe making ODF part of their system then maybe they won't loose orders for their software.

Like I said, I think there is more to this than meets the eye.

Anyone knows how to use it in Word 2007? They say it's in "File -> ODT" but there are no menus in 2007 so where is it?

El Sid said,
I thought OpenOffice format was ODT, not ODF :?

ODT is just the Open Document Text format.

ODF is the whole Open Source standard (including ODT, ODG, ODP, ODS, and ODB)

Works really well, although right clicking the .ODT file and saying "Open with word" doesn't work, but you can start word, and click open odt and it seems to work very nicely with word docs

I like that this is released for the Office 2003 platform, too (which is what we use at work), but it requires .NET, which we don't have. So no ODF for me.