Microsoft to release six Windows security updates

Microsoft Corp. will release six groups of security patches next Tuesday, fixing flaws in its Windows operating system. The updates will be released as part of Microsoft's regularly scheduled monthly patch release, and will fix critical flaws in Windows and the company's XML (Extensible Markup Language) parser, Microsoft said Thursday.

With only six updates, November looks to be a quieter month for systems administrators than October. Last month, Microsoft issued 10 updates, fixing 26 bugs in its Windows and Office software. The XML update is of particular interest to security experts because hackers have posted code showing how a flaw in the parser could be exploited to run unauthorized programs on a PC. However, Microsoft gave no indication that it plans to patch this or another recent bug, reported last week in its Visual Studio software. That bug, known as the WMI Object vulnerability could also allow an attacker to run unauthorized code on a victim's computer.

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What we need is a SP3. Just created a new RIS image the other day, with Windows XP SP2. We had 85 updates to install. Now we are going to add to that # again this month. Soon it's going to be over a hundred.

and im sure in the first weeks of Vista being sold....the patches will follow to continue the MS Tradition.

You make it sound that updates are a bad thing...

As a Linux user, I rather appreciate that bugs are identified and fixed, and improvements are made and available to download.

No software is perfect at any time, so a "RTM" version is not somehow "better" than at any other time in its life (a bit more polished and tested, perhaps, but not any different just because it is released for customers).

Yes, it will continue on in the MS tradition. Wouldn't you want it that way? How else will you be ble to complain about patching your system to death?!

Considering it will come out in 2008 you can expect it half the size of a WinXP disc. [IE7+WMP11+Dot net3+DX 10 prolly etc ]

> Considering it will come out in 2008 you can expect it half the size of a WinXP disc. [IE7+WMP11+Dot net3+DX 10 prolly etc ]

I don't think any of these were ever part of previous service packs (IE/WMP/.NET/DX). If I recall correctly, those have always been separate add-ons.

I mean, yeah, the SPs contains fixes for some of those components (IE in particular), but I don't recall WMP or DX ever being updated to the newer versions by service packs.

That being said, you're probably not entirely wrong to say it'll be half the size of the original disc.