Microsoft to release two more "critical" Windows security updates Tuesday

Microsoft will be including two more security bulletins, both labeled as "critical", in their update plans on Tuesday. The company, who said last week it would release two "critical" and three "important" security patches on Feb. 11th, updated their patch summary page with the new information earlier today.

It's a rare occurrence for Microsoft to add in more bulletins for the month after the initial notice has been posted. Today's revised summary shows that one of the two new "critical" patches will affect all currently supported versions of Windows, with the exception of Server Core, to fix a "Remote Code Execution" hole that shows up in all builds of Internet Explorer. The other new critical patch will fix a bug for all Windows versions that's related to VBScript. As usual, the specifics about all the updates will have to wait until their release on Tuesday, when Microsoft will offer more details about what's contained in each patch.

Microsoft will also release an automatic software update for its Xbox One console on Feb. 11, which will add a few new features, such as a storage management system. It's also expected that the company will release new firmware updates on that same day for one or more of its Surface tablets.

Source: Microsoft | Security image via Shutterstock

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It's great where Microsoft is headed with these updates, and the Xbox One update. Can't wait for Build! Anyway, I can't really say much about Patch Tuesday, because it's just Patch Tuesday, nothing else.


Oh brother. I can hear my phone ringing now with our must have business app which uses an exploit for functionality not working. Go back and now hackers will try to infect my users.

... I say this because this is exactly how java works. Bank apps use exploits to call DCOM/COM+ objects and talk to excel to generate reports. Fix that exploit and the accountants scream murder to put ancient java with +100 exploits back and then whine they get infected all the time.

Maybe I am just too cynical?

IntelliMoo said,
Maybe. But got to agree about java, it's been banned here for the last 10 years or so. lol

VBscript and java are the plague of old IE 6 and 7 only apps used by banks and many corporations. Worse new software requires them! Since many corps still use +5 year old non HTML 5 compliant browsers the makers keep making garbage like this which then re-enforces the need to never ever upgrade.

Maybe breaking some financial vbscript apps will finally lean these customers off Xp and IE 6

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