Microsoft to Release Windows Server 2008 RCO, Vista SP1 Beta

Microsoft will make the first release candidate for Windows Server 2008 and the first beta for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 available within the next 24 hours, the software maker announced today. Windows Server 2008 is intended to bring new technologies like server and presentation virtualization capabilities, IIS 7, Server Core, PowerShell, Network Access Protection, Server Manager, and enhanced networking and clustering technologies; it has been touted as the most "integrated" Windows to date.

Along with Windows Server 2008, MS will also be releasing the first beta of Vista SP1 to a select group of 12,000 testers. The current plan is to release Vista SP1 to manufacturing in the first quarter of 2008. The beta focuses on specific reliability and performance issues, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards. Vista SP1 will be very different from Windows XP SP2, which was all about security and broke a large number of applications, including some of Microsoft's own, as it involved trade-offs around application compatibility and the user experience, David Zipkin, senior product manager for Windows Client, told eWEEK Aug. 28. "That is not our intent with Vista SP1, which we are designing to limit user interface changes as much as possible. Those UI changes that we do make will be quite small and will not require retraining or anything like that," he said.

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The original Ultimate Extras screen: link

The SP1 version of the screen: link

I guess that "cutting-edge programs", "innovative services" and "unique publications" are no longer on the menu.

Microsoft: "Shhh, maybe no one will notice."

Well I hope they get to a public beta / final release soon, as Vista could certainly use all the performance improvements it can get... perhaps it will help make up the 20fps drop I get in Counter-Strike: Source.


anyone notice on connect how it mentions vista sp1 will be released over windows update over the next 48 hours?

profets003 said,

anyone notice on connect how it mentions vista sp1 will be released over windows update over the next 48 hours?

I think that's a mistake, they just started the beta and all. Anyways, it sounds like SP1 is good so far from the few reports i've seen of people using it.

This is the first time I've heard about the new reliability packs so I dunno. But anything like that is welcome imo. It's probably the after effect of Windows Server 2k8 reaching RC0 status. Since the code base is now the same and any fixes/updates made to Server 2k8s core will make it down to Vista also.