Microsoft to Remedy 'Family Discount' Tragedy

It looks like Microsoft is ready to settle the score with customers who took advantage of the Vista Family Discount offer earlier this week. As reported on Wednesday, anyone who purchased Windows Vista Home Premium using the keys provided by Microsoft's Vista Family Discount was unable to use the keys. Windows Vista reported them as invalid.

Microsoft still will not tell me what the keys are for, however as promised I did get a call back today. I was told by Microsoft, "We do not know how these false keys where issued, but we do know the solution." What is Microsoft's solution?

Anyone who took advantage of the Windows Vista Family Discount should be on the lookout. Microsoft will be emailing those customers new product keys for Windows Vista Home Premium within the next 3-5 days. The new product keys should work without a hitch.

Link: Neowin Report
View: Windows Vista Family Discount Website

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Just got my new CD keys an hour ago. They work great! Much thanks Microsoft.

Please keep this e-mail for your records.

Microsoft inadvertently distributed invalid product key(s) for your recent Windows Vista Family Discount order; new valid key(s) are below. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

-- Product Ordered: Windows Vista Family Discount
-- Order Number: 10000xxxxx
-- Order Date: January 30, 2007

Contact Information:
United States

Billing Information:
United States

Following is a list of the items in your order:

Part Number: xxx-xxxxx
Product Name: Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade Product Key - Family Discount Additional License
Qty: 2
Unit Price: 49.99
Item Total: 99.98

Product Key (s):

Subtotal: 99.98
Shipping: 0.00
Estimated Tax: 7.25
Total: 107.23 USD
(USD = US Dollar)

The Product Key(s) listed above will fulfill your order.

Installation Information:

1. Use the DVD disc from your Windows Vista Ultimate retail package to start the installation process on each household PC you wish to upgrade.

2. Follow the step-by-step installation and configuration instructions that are detailed in the Quick Start Guide included in your Windows Vista Ultimate retail package.

3. When prompted, enter the Product Key(s) listed above for each Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade installation.

For additional installation information and to get started, visit:


Please call 1-800-835-0663 or send an email to if you encounter any problem and we will be happy to assist you.
Software licenses purchased through electronic transmission online or over the Internet are not eligible for a refund. To view Microsoft’s Retail Product Refund Guidelines, please visit:

Do not reply to this e-mail. This message was sent to you using an automated system. This e-mail alias is not monitored for replies.

Glad the issue is being resolved. Will probly use the program now to order another copy for a family member.

roadwarrior said,
I'm sure someone will get around to testing those keys with every Microsoft product around to see what they really are for.

I tested my keys on Office 2007, Office 2003, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Server 2003 Enterprise, Server 2003 Standard, and Server 2003 Web. They where not for any of those products.

Liquidfox said,
You're in trouble if the only email access you had was on the machine you just formatted :D

not really, as you can install vista without entering a CD key.