Microsoft to reveal more Xbox One TV shows by end of 2013

Microsoft has made it clear that the upcoming Xbox One console is much more than just a set-top box that plays games on a TV; it is also intended to be a full multimedia center. In addition to developing new games, Microsoft is working on new TV series that will be shown on Xbox Live, including one based on the Halo game franchise.

However, while the company has been quite busy announcing new games for the Xbox One, they have yet to make any official TV show announcements beyond the Halo series. Reuters reports that Microsoft Studios' Vice President, Phil Spencer, said today that the company is "very close" to making some new TV show announcements and that we can expect them to be revealed before the end of 2013.

So what will these Xbox One exclusive shows be like? In another interview with Bloomberg, Spencer says that their Los Angeles-based team "have literally hundreds of ideas that they are incubating right now." He also hinted in the Reuters interview that the shows will have some sort of interactive element - perhaps hinting at Xbox SmartGlass integration - but did not disclose details.

Aside from revealing that director Steven Spielberg will be an executive producer on the Halo TV series, Microsoft has not offered any other information on the show, including when it will begin production.

Source: Bloomberg and Reuters | Image via Microsoft

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0--JLowzrif said,

you're talking as if you can't play game on xbox. guess what, the controller is even better on xbox, so its desgned for game annnndddd TV + Sport + Music + Skype + Kinect workouts ....

"have literally hundreds of ideas that they are incubating right now."

that's microsoft-speak for "take our bait now and we'll decide when to pull the rug from under your feet." lol.

What I'm personally interested in seeing, is MS creating an indie TV Show market where small production houses can create unique relatively low budget shows that if good can be picked up and be given a higher budget. It could truly revolutionize how shows get made.

Enron said,
I want a new Airwolf series with Steve Ballmer as the pilot.

actually, steve ballmer would make a GREAT actor!

so looking forward to this, but SS isn't my top pick. Much rather have JJ Abrams, or somebody with less gray hair and fresh vision. not knocking Spielberg but he's past his peak.