Microsoft to sell Surface RT for $199 on Black Friday

Looking to get a Surface and don’t mind grabbing yesterdays hardware? If so, Microsoft has a killer deal for you by offering the Surface (previously known as the Surface RT) for $199.

Microsoft will be offering this pricing at its Microsoft stores and online but if you are headed out to Best Buy, they too, will be offering the same deal.

But, if you find yourself saying, “I wish they had a Touch Cover bundle”, put a smile on your face as Staples and WalMart will be offering the Surface with a black Touch cover for $249.

These prices will certainly make the first generation devices highly attractive and will likely be targeted by the budget conscious consumers on Black Friday.

A breakdown of the offers and when they will be available is below, via Microsoft:

All things considered, this is a fantastic deal for a tablet that ships with Office. If you are looking to score one of these tablets, it’s likely best to plan ahead as we suspect that they will be moving quickly off store shelves.

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Shame on me for paying $340 for Surface+Touch cover 2 months ago. Should've waited till Black Friday - though I did NEED it for work, but the extra $90 I ended up paying certainly burn...

Oh well, self-note for next year - see how cheap the Surface 2 is on Black Friday or and then decide what's the better purchase, that or the Surface 3.

Fawzi Breidi said,
i will wait until it goes below $100 otherwise not a good deal at all

Stop trolling; you don't know what you're talking about.

Ignoring the trolling that seems to be omnipresent, I personally think that $249 for a first generation Surface AND touch cover is a FABULOUS deal.
Problem is that walmart seems to be saying that its out of stock (and it aint black friday yet I remind us!).
Damn, I hope I didnt miss it already?
The article seems to say its the 64GB model (which is the one I want), but some of the comments say its the 32GB?

Any updates?

Are you implying that any comments by those of us older than 25-year old kids is "trolling?" Remember, we have been around and have Life's experience on which to base opinions.

JHBrown said,
$99 and I'd buy one to use as an "extra" device around the house for Netflix.

Yup $99 and I will buy it for my 3 year old son to watch you tube cartoon.

So..if Chromebooks are "selling" I don't think RT wouldn't. It's defintely better than a browser machine.

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