Microsoft training courses for Windows Phone 8 revealed, Kid's corner gets a nod

It should come as no surprise that Microsoft is gearing up to start training individuals for Windows Phone 8 and on that front, we have been sent a screenshot of a few of the courses that Microsoft will be offering. 

The image you see below is a clear indicator of some of the topical areas that Microsoft will be educating sales staff with Windows Phone 8. Of note, it looks as if Kids Corner, which we had heard about previously, is confirmed, and of course, you can see some of the other courses that are currently being offered. 

With Windows Phone 8 right around the corner, Microsoft knows that it needs to train sales staff on how to best present Windows Phone 8. Seeing as the OS is dramatically different than other products on the shelf, it is up to Microsoft and the sales staff to make the product feel familiar and to help consumers quickly adjust to the live-tile environment. 

Thanks for the tip anonymous!

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remixedcat said,
kid's corner?
Basically, their "Guest Account". Available to left of lockscreen, you setup apps/hubs you want to give access to without the need to enter your pin, and without the ability to access any other areas of the phone.

In the hands of the right salesman this phone sells itself. I do it every single day, and it's not hard at all. But I can't do it myself MS, how about an affiliate program of some kind? When Gateway had there $50/pc program I think I might have broken the record for affiliate sales. Lets go! Help me help you help me!