Microsoft trying to keep its top execs with bonuses of up to 150 percent

Microsoft want to try to keep certain executives from leaving following the exit of CEO Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft continues its search for a new chief executive officer following the decision by current CEO Steve Ballmer to retire sometime in the next year. Now it looks like Microsoft is concerned some of its other top leaders might decide to follow Ballmer and leave the company. So Microsoft has decided it might offer them some nice bonuses to stick around.

In a filing this week with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Microsoft said it has made some new amendments to its Corporation Executive Officer Incentive Plan. It said that from "time to time" it will offer some "special rewards" to certain people at Microsoft. One of the reasons for such an offer is to preserve the "continuity of key leaders during the transition to a new chief executive officer."

The bonuses to these executives will be in the form of extra Microsoft stock and will range from 25 percent to 150 percent of an employee's regular annual compensation. The filing made no mention of any specific Microsoft executives who might get these bonuses. 

Source: SEC via Reuters | Image via Microsoft

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fusi0n said,
I would think they would want to clean house and get fresh minds in there.. That is just me though.

I can see it both ways. I'm sure they have talent to replace some of them, but even when you replace them with new talent, there are learning curves. I'm sure that's especially true with BIG companies.

I can understand they want to keep some top execs - keeping business continuity is very important. Having CEO leave would be very disruptive, especially if the key division heads left too (for example).

I'm surprised they need extra-special golden-handcuffs however...this is what the regular ones are meant to do =P

With a company as wide as Microsoft, it's important to have key players in place so the CEO can be brought up to speed in terms of the company's offerings, design, profit centers, loss leaders, etc. You don't just get that information if all your top people leave.

The faster Ballmer gets booted out the better. Its stupid to announce a that CEO is leaving without having named a successor.

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