Microsoft tweaks Bing social results design

Microsoft launched a new design for Bing social results today that eliminates the blue sidebar.

One of the more unique features of Microsoft's Bing search engine is the integration it has with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. When a user searches for something using Bing, the search engine will also search for that query on the individual's social networks.

Microsoft's Bing team has tweaked the appearance of that feature, which now appears flush with the main listing of search results. Previously, the social search sidebar was offset in a blue box to the right of a user's screen and had its own separate pane for scrolling through social search results.

The new design appears to be available for users worldwide.

Microsoft launched the Bing social results sidebar earlier this year in one of the first major overhauls of the search engine. Since then, the company has added new features to the sidebar, such as Facebook tagging, and integrated with more social networks, such as Quora. Prior to the social search sidebar, social network results were featured in the main search results listing.

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Hated the color bar on the side. Just wish they just simplified it to just search and get rid of everything. Its one of the reason I use google still.

I've said it a bunch before and I'll say it now: The ONLY thing stopping me from using Bing is the sites design. It's just plain ugly.

Care to elaborate? I think it looks very clean... even more so now. Also, the intriguing homepage photos alone make it stand out and make it a great browser home page. I've dumped Google a while ago. I only use it when I can't find something on Bing, which rarely occurs anymore.

I would much rather see Bing redesigned from the ground up to have Metro styling. As of right now it's a confusing mishmash of the old Live-style design and the new Windows Design Language. This is on both the main search page and the search results page.

Although, yes, I do like the Bing search page, but not more than Google's search page.

Bleedorang3 said,
I've said it a bunch before and I'll say it now: The ONLY thing stopping me from using Bing is the sites design. It's just plain ugly.

I prefer Bings design and auto fill allot over Google's.
Its the lowsy search results for non-English countries that is absolutely horrible.
Even yesterday I tried to search on Bing, 'dutch pirates' where Bing gave me pages of dutch piracy groups and what not. Where Google came with a Wikipedia page about some historic dutch pirates, as I was looking for.
And I keep trying Bing from time to time, but almost every time what I'm looking for isn't in the first page, while at Google it is.