Microsoft tweaks IE 7 for performance

Microsoft has quietly released a patch aimed at improving the performance of Internet Explorer 7's phishing filter ahead of the company's regular patching schedule, which occurs on the Tuesday of every month.

The update was made available last week on Microsoft's website, according to a blog entry on IEBlog, which is written by the IE team at Microsoft.

This update addresses an issue some users experience when navigating to a page with multiple frames, or where frames are being navigated simultaneously, according to the post by IE Program Manager Steve Reynolds. This kind of navigation occurs when the IE phishing filter, which attempts to block access to sites that may try to defraud web users, evaluates a web page when a user navigates to it. The result is multiple simultaneous evaluations for the same page, Reynolds wrote in his post.

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This "news" was posted a week ago or so. The Neowin news submitters should check before posting news that is already been posted.

As I said then, this update was posted way back in the middle of December. I should know, I downloaded and applied it. Therefore whoever said that this update was first made available last week is talking rubbish.

They should do more of this, release performence and compatibility updates for IE7, and leave features and other UI changes etc for major versions like IE8 or whatever the next one will be. No need to wait a year for things that can be fixed under the hood.

Slight error in the article:

which occurs on the Tuesday of every month.

I think you meant to say the third Tuesday of every month =)

Downloaded it for vista 32bit... says "not applied", guess already got it, think that finally with vista, we should stick to windows update only