Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Math 3.0

According to an independent survey commissioned by Microsoft Corporation, 77% of teachers and 73% of parents claim math and science are the most difficult homework subjects for students, yet only 36% of parents feel capable to help their children. For this reason, Microsoft has developed a low-cost, software solution designed to help students in middle school, high school and entry-level college students: Microsoft Math 3.0.

Microsoft Math 3.0 features an extensive collection of capabilities to help students tackle complicated problems in pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics and chemistry, and puts them all in one convenient place on the home PC. Microsoft Math 3.0 is designed to help deepen students' overall understanding of these subjects by invoking a full-featured graphing calculator and step-by-step instructions on how to solve difficult problems. Microsoft Math is scheduled to be available for download in early May 2007 for an estimated retail price of $19.95* (U.S.).

Microsoft Math offers a variety of tools that address a wide range of tasks in math and science:

  • A full-featured Graphing Calculator with extensive graphing and equation-solving capabilities expands students' understanding of complex mathematics.
  • Using step-by-step math solutions, students are guided through problems in subjects ranging from pre-algebra to calculus, helping them solve equations more efficiently.
  • The Formulas and Equations Library contains more than 100 common math equations and formulas that enable students to identify and easily apply the right equation to solve math and science problems.
  • The Triangle Solver explores triangles and teaches students the relationship between different components used to calculate sides, angles and values and solve formulas.
  • The Unit Conversion Tool allows students to quickly and easily convert units of measure, including length, area, volume, weight, temperature, pressure, energy, power, velocity and time.
  • The new Ink Handwriting Support works with Tablet and Ultra-Mobile PCs, allowing students to write out a problem by hand and acquire assistance from Microsoft Math.
News source: Press Release

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Microsoft math is a really an inferior piece of software, and ads are very misleading. “Step-by-step” solutions are only given for very restricted classes of problems. The software doesn’t know what to do with simple expressions such as (x^4-y^4)/(x^2-y^2), and frequently gives incorrect solutions (i.e. in (x^2-1)/(x-1)=0, it proclaims “1” to be a valid solution!
If you need a true step-by-step solver for up to College Algebra / Linear Algebra level take a look at Algebrator at
If you need help with calculus and above the only real alternatives are serious systems such as Maple and Mathematica.

At first I thought it was an update for Equation Editor in Office. I was hoping for an efficient way of entering and formating equation. I guess I'll continue to copy/paste back and forth what I generate with Mathcad.

Seem nice for the price it seem to match most of my Ti-89 basic (useful) features. Mathcad don't have much to fear (after all they don`t target the same market). Except maybe it's price point.

This actually seems like such a useful tool. I love how it will solve equations but also show you exactly how it went about it. That's very, very cool.