Microsoft unveils Office Web Applications 2010, Mobile 2010

Microsoft has officially revealed its Office Web Applications offerings ahead of the announcements at this years Worldwide Partner Conference today.

Company officials have posted several "what's new" videos onto the Microsoft Showcase site. The what's new videos range from Word through to Outlook and some highlight the Web Applications and "Microsoft Mobile 2010". Blogger Long Zheng noticed the videos on Microsoft's site today.

Office Web Applications 2010

In the what's new video for Office Web Applications 2010, Word, Powerpoint and Excel are demonstrated. Microsoft also confirms these work on PC or Mac and in Firefox as can be seen below.

Office Web Applications are part of Microsoft's "software plus services" initiative where the company plans to deliver all its technology in this way. As part of the next release of Office, Microsoft are planning Office Web applications - lightweight versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote - through a browser. Running these new applications will allow individuals to use a browser to create, edit, and share Office documents wherever they are. Microsoft wants to provide a consistent Office experience, regardless of whether users are accessing their Office documents through the PC, phone, or browser.

Microsoft Mobile 2010

In the what's new video for Mobile 2010, Microsoft demonstrates Mobile document viewers. Viewers allow company's to render Office documents server side, allowing "just about" every smart phone on the market to view the documents without needing to download them. This includes iPhones and Blackberry's.

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Whoo hoo I just got an invite for the technical preview. Wonder if it will support any of the online apps. Interestingly the take up by some local companies i know that are small enough to use and warrant google apps is amazing.

The only downside is that there is no check in and check out of files. So its possible to download 2 files and upload them at the same time causing confusion about revisions although not a problem if you are working on line but especially with the case as google spreadsheet its just no where near quick enough or powerfull enough for anything more than basics. Try using loads of hlookups and vlookups

This must be better than Google Docs. Hopefully there's good Windows Live integration (like storing in SkyDrive, integration with Hotmail, etc.).

wow. I think that looks very cool. Google docs are great and hopefully MS will make office much like this but more powerful.

The web applications look really good.. there's so many times where I go somewhere to open or print a document and they have Office 2000... so if you have a document that doesn't view properly, this should be good!

This all looks very interesting. I would probably stick with an installed application myself, but I am rather intrigued by the mobile announcements... That sounds very cool.

It wasn't clear to me if the Office Web Apps could be hosted locally on a server, and everything officially released so far has been pretty vague on the issue. Anybody have the answer?

They can be hosted on SharePoint. A hostable version is released as part of the current Technical Beta. IMO, OWA and SharePoint 14 combo is going to knock the pants off Google Apps for Your Domain.

I think that it's main purpose is for enterprise solutions... You install office on a server, and everybody in the domain has access to office. Atleast that's what I think Microsoft's vision was... hence it is a big task keeping all applications up to date in an enterprise envoirement, since office is now online, you only update the server...

Anyone got idea about the storage capacity? or is it gonna use sky drive .
hope they increase the capacity if so.

Can't see the point...

Google Docs for online (it does everything I need plus is tied in with my gmail)
and Office for offline (In fact in the last year I've dropped use of outlook and nearly all office apps, just dont need them much anymore)

From my understanding, this will be tied in with the Office 2010 where you can save your documents on the internet and via the office live web site, you can send an invite to allow a non ms office person to open and edit the documents via the invite.

This does look very promising.

The point is very basic. Microsoft is offering a better online product for their customers...

If you find Google to be better for your needs than that is fine. Not everyone does. As a result, they will have an online offering for those who prefer to use Microsoft Office products.

I'll keep using my offline copy of Office though not really into this "cloud" computing mess due to privacy concerns.

I hope not! Silverlight 2.x and 3.x doesn't work on PPC-based Macs, and no Silverlight app/plugin exists for the iPhone nor the Blackberry.

Mind you, that MS Mobile could make a pretty cool iPhone App, especially if it were to allow access to Office Live Workspace documents.

andrewbares said,
I hope so!

So you hope it can be used from your home computers which could easily have the actual app installed on them but not from your phone, a remote computer which doesn't allow software installations and any other place where you'd actually want to use this?

linuxboynz said,
:o MS using Firefox in their vids!! OMG!

Web applications are useless if they works on specific browser(s) only.

I'm really glad to see Microsoft not being tight-asses about it too. Really nice to see it working in Firefox.

(and yes, I apologize for bringing this up, but just thought it'd be a bit funny if it didn't work in Opera)

dead.cell said,
I'm really glad to see Microsoft not being tight-asses about it too. Really nice to see it working in Firefox.

(and yes, I apologize for bringing this up, but just thought it'd be a bit funny if it didn't work in Opera)

Considering that Firefox has about 30% of the market I think it would be in Microsoft's best interest to make sure that it worked in both IE and Firefox. I mean they develop Office for Mac too.

Can't imagine myself seriously working with Office inside a browser. However, it's a nice project for the long-term.

It takes maybe 10 minutes to install Microsoft Office or Apple iWork on my Mac after an Erase & Install of Mac OS X. I think I'll manage. :P