Microsoft updates data storage limits for SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint is a tool that is used by many individuals every day and helps those who need to collaborate on projects or bring their ideas to a central location. Microsoft is announcing today that they are bringing new updates to the platform that allow for dramatically larger SharePoint farms.

Microsoft has been able to up the SharePoint limits thanks to updates since the product shipped last year.; these new efficiencies allow for much larger SharePoint sites. Microsoft has taken the limit from 200GB up to 4TB, a dramatic improvement that will allow for much larger SharePoint farms. Further improvements are listed below, Microsoft states:

  • The storage limit for SharePoint 2010 has been dramatically increased from 200GB to 4TB when certain requirements are followed, allowing customers to build much larger SharePoint farms quickly and cost effectively.
  • SharePoint 2010 now supports an unlimited content database size for document archive scenarios when best practices and some restrictions are followed, essentially eliminating storage barriers for customers.
  • Microsoft is providing detailed guidance and best practices about these new storage limits to support customers with large implementations. 
  • SharePoint 2010 supports the SQL Server FILESTREAM Remote BLOB (binary large object data) Storage (RBS) Provider, enablingBLOB storage on more economical iSCSI connected NAS storage, as well as other opportunities for storage optimization.

Data storage is always a key aspect of any SharePoint farm and by increasing the amount of storage; larger projects can now be collaborated on a single SharePoint farm.

If you are an avid user of SharePoint, these additions will come as a welcome updated. With increased storage capacities, a SharePoint admin can spend less time administering several SharePoint farms and instead work on value added projects.

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Lol, this article is completely misleading. What are these new effeciencies? And its written as if there was a farm wide 200gb limit and SP can't scale. All nonsense, this new guidance is per database, of which you could already have hundreds per farm across multiple SQL Server instances.

This article literally may as well be deleted. There is no benefit to end users because there was nothing of concern. The 200Gb guidance per DB in a collab scenario still applies.

DarkSim905 said,
Why is Share Point so painful to setup? Am I an idiot?

Don't answer that.

I believe you. I remember how painful 2007 was to install, but 2010 was a breeze. It was the configuration and the attempt to rename the databases that was painful for us. And now, we're having issues getting the search/indexing scope to function properly.

I manage a few smaller sharepoint installations, including our own. While this is obviously a good thing and may effect me in the future - for now I'm fine. I am loving sharepoint 2010 in general though and this is definately a big step that will bring in more customers

Yes, as a SharePoint admin, this is welcome, but MS: what about having an easier system of renaming databases instead of using that GUID crap?