Microsoft updates firmware for Surface Pro, Pro 2 and Surface 2 tablets

January saw Microsoft release a number of firmware updates for its Surface tablets on different dates instead of offering all of them on the usual "Patch Tuesday". Today, things seem to be back on Microsoft's normal update schedule as it released firmware patches for the Surface Pro, Pro 2 and Surface 2 devices.

The Surface Pro 2 firmware release for February has the most changes, according to the update history page. It includes improvements for two-finger touchpad use on the Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2 accessories, along with an update to the Surface Display Panel to calibrate the tuning of its screen. There are also several bug fixes, including one that deals with an issue that was keeping the tablet from going into hibernation, and another which now allows the Surface Pro 2 to show the correct amount of battery life.

The Surface Pro firmware update includes some of the same bug fixes as the Surface Pro 2 patch, along with unspecified improvements when a Surface Cover is connected. The Surface 2 firmware patch fixes some Bluetooth audio and wireless connecting bugs. Microsoft did not release a patch for the Surface RT tablet today.

One thing Microsoft did add in all of the Surface update history pages is a notice stating that the firmware, once downloaded and installed on the tablets, cannot be uninstalled or be reverted back to a previous version.

Source: Surface Pro, Pro 2 and Surface 2 update history | Image via Microsoft

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