Microsoft updates Lync Windows Phone and iOS apps with new features

Microsoft has offered its Lync business-themed online messaging app for Windows Phone users for almost two years now, and since then the app has expanded to many other mobile platforms. This week, the Lync apps for Windows Phone and iOS got updated with a couple of new, and much needed, features.

The official Lync blog states that users of those apps can now join in a Lync online meeting without having to have a Lync account set up ahead of time. This "Guest" mode could be used for company contractors and partners who are needed to attend an online business meeting but would normally not have access to a company's Lync account set up.

The other new feature allows Windows Phone and iOS apps to launch an unscheduled Lync meeting from directly inside the app. The blog states, "The ability to connect with people quickly and easily is one of the best features of Lync on the desktop and we’re excited to bring it to our mobile apps for Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad today."

Finally, the new Lync apps now offer Lync Server Certificate Authentication or Passive Authentication features, which Microsoft says will reduce the need to store Lync credentials on mobile devices.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Not important. I am sick and tired of people there is no android update. Android takes awhile test so it always going to be late. Better to release it for platforms that are easier to develop for. And release it later for the others.

i had an update pushed out to my android phone on tuesday i think it was. not sure if it has all the above features but they took care of the authentication error i kept getting