Microsoft updates OneNote for iPad with new Office design

Microsoft has been very busy today on the Office front. It launched its long awaited Office suite of Word, PowerPoint and Excel apps for the iPad and made Office Mobile for the iPhone and Android smartphones free for home users. Now there's word that the OneNote app for Apple's tablets has a new version that is designed to match the look of Office for iPad.

The 2.2 version is now available in the iOS App Store, and as the screenshots indicate, it now has a UI that better fits with the look of Office for iPad and for iOS 7 in general. So far, the OneNote app for the iPhone has not gotten such an update. In addition to the interface changes, the new OneNote for iPad version now allows for photos of whiteboards and documents are to be auto-cropped and enhanced inside the app.

Microsoft recently announced that all versions of OneNote are now stand alone applications and are free to use, including the new Mac and Windows desktop ports. There will still be premium features for Office 365 and Office 2013 owners such as SharePoint support, version history, Outlook integration and more.

Source: iOS App Store | Image via Microsoft

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This design isn't particularly different than what had existed before. Besides flattening the controls to match an iOS 7/Metro aesthetic, that's about it. The jump from version 1.x to 2.x was far more dramatic.

Otherwise still a pretty good app on its own merits, save for the fact it can't do math equations.

ians18 said,

I'm pretty sure Ballmer had initiated this long before he left.

You have too much faith in Ballmer imo.

LaP said,

You have too much faith in Ballmer imo.

Umm. Do you really think that Nadella issued the Office for iPad and redesign of OneNote?

Enron said,
They sure are moving fast all of a sudden.
I think Office for iPad was mostly done quite some time back and just stuck waiting for release approval. There are apparently still people inside the company who feel it should never have been released.

ians18 said,

Umm. Do you really think that Nadella issued the Office for iPad and redesign of OneNote?

Personally I think that the Office for iPad was ready a long time ago and MS upper management was fiercely debating about releasing or not.

ians18 said,

Umm. Do you really think that Nadella issued the Office for iPad and redesign of OneNote?

Of course no. But what makes you think Ballmer would have approved it? Like i said you have too much faith in him.

if anything i would say that they have probably timed this to occur with Nadella to help ease him in as a new CEO and brig the Microsoft stock up under his reign, it's a good way to start the position.

I think his point is that Ballmer and co would have blocked this from release. His point is wrong tho because it doesn't make any financial sense to block a cash cow from releasing on such a huge platform.

It does seem likely that Ballmer himself set this in motion - or, at least, if he was pressured by others, this development began in his time, whether he liked it or not, probably when they did their "One Microsoft" and "Devices and Services" move - because even if there was a lack of approval, first, I can't believe he would let his people spend months and months on a product he had no intention of releasing and, second, if Nadella came in and gave the go ahead, one month is far too less for all the other stuff they have to do before releasing a finished product and, with an organisation as large as Microsoft, those processes take even longer.