Microsoft updates OneNote for Windows 8.1; adds support for OneDrive

Microsoft has released an updated version of the OneNote Windows 8.1 app, nearly four months after its last update; this new version adds support for OneDrive, Microsoft's newly rebranded cloud storage service.

The official OneNote blog points out that the app now shares a similar name to OneDrive and adds, "Together, OneNote and OneDrive enable you to access your notes on all your devices." In addition, today's update adds a few improvements. One of them is an increase in the Rule Line heights for folks who have bigger handwriting profiles. Another is being able to quickly go to a specific note's location via Recent Notes, as shown in the screenshot above.

Folks who have visual disabilities should see some improvements in this update. Microsoft says that it should be easier to navigate through the OneNote app via a keyboard and using the Narrator feature to read any notes. There's also been some bug fixes related to the Share Charm along with changes to the backend so it uses less hard drive space.

Finally, 62 new languages are now supported by OneNote for Windows 8.1. We won't list all of them here, but you can click on the source link below to view the new additions. Microsoft says that with this update, the app now supports 105 languages.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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mrlcutleruk83 said,
I absolutely love onenote, just wish i had a surface pro to really make use of it more with the pen.

You might be disappointed. The pen works great in the center of the screen, but as you move closer and closer to the edges, there's some offset (difference between where you place the pen and where the mark is actually drawn) that gets progressively worse and the point of being unusable.

No amount of recalibrating seems to help. I have to wonder whether this is universal across all of them, or just a problem with mine.

Although there's been a few firmware updates since I last used the pen--maybe I should give it another try...

Depending on the calibration, it might have a very small offset. It also depend on how you hold the pen.
But unusable is a big statement. Have a Google on how to calibrate the Pro and pen, there are some very elaborate scripts out there that you can use.

It's been stated it is less noticeable in the Pro2, but I don't have much issues with my Pro when drawing or writing.

You're missing out... it's really awesome and on par with the desktop one I especially love how fast it sync and the ribbon 'wheel' is awesome too.

Both are equally awesome.

maybe now it's on par. One drive support should have been built in from day one. Personally, I don't see a need to duplicate apps and consume hdd space. The desktop version works just fine on a touchscreen tablet. And it comes with all the features.

I love ORC on Onenote. I scan all my books then convert them to text, so I wouldn't have to strain my eyes reading from a book.

wingliston said,
I love ORC on Onenote. I scan all my books then convert them to text, so I wouldn't have to strain my eyes reading from a book.
OCR is what that is called, and it stands for Optical Character Recognition.

One Big Drive is a consolidated cloud storage company who started their site and services 3-4 weeks prior to Microsofts One Drive and has many of the same features. This is probably the biggest issue for Microsoft and their name choice. will probably start litigation or sue Microsoft at some point if Microsoft doesn't buy them out first. They are a publicly traded company at PTPF so this may get interesting.

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