Microsoft Virtual Earth gets a 48TB update

Over than past few months, the Microsoft Virtual Earth team has been preparing the service for one of it's biggest updates since the release. What's the definition of "one of it's biggest"? Well it's over 48TB of new and improved imagery. Chris Pendleton, Virtual Earth technical evangelist at Microsoft, announced that the service has updated it's global vector data for the majority of it's tile sets.

The update includes multilingual tile sets for all zoom levels, localized tile sets for Japan, and all Bird's Eye imagery has been updated with new road map labels. Microsoft has also added tons of new imagery data for the following countries: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Herzegovina, Hungary, Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Does your localized view look any different?

View: Microsoft Virtual Earth

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Awesome. One problem though, how is anyone going to get this? This must be for only government and corporate uses, since no user I've even heard of has 48TB to burn.

Wow my area's finally been updated

It's a recentish image, within the last year.. I can see my lil sisters trampoline in my mums back garden

Very clear

Tried to check my place, Malta, on MS Virtual Earth. According the VE the cliffs are at the centre of the island! And the images are very very poor.

Birdseye is amazing. I live on the lake and its the first time I was able to see what the cliffs and breakwalls look like from the water side. Very cool.

Most of the middle eastern countries are still without proper live maps imagery.
Google is working on them more than Microsoft.

LOL the country is called "Bosnia and Herzegovina" not 2 separate countries. They need to update their aerial views of Vancouver, they are like 2-3 years old depending on the angle you view it from. Also, the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, has only ~1km resolution per pixel...really bad quality. Maybe it hasn't been updated yet?

The Pictometry stuff is accurate! They've got the Trace completed, and my old job finally built rather than an open field.

Just checked it and there is a hell of a difference between Aerial and Birds Eye views. My home area is way outdate (3yrs or more on both views) however where I used to work is up to date on the birds eye view, but around 7yrs old on Aerial view.

some of the pictures are still a few years old... but some are really recent! i wonder what they use to determine when birdseye views get updated...

I've tried Google Earth and unless there is a setting I'm missing it sucks for my area. It only shows satellite imagery which for rural areas means all you can see is a lot of low resolution blurry nothing. The other programs I've tried like NASA Worldwind and this allow you to also view USGS aerial photography meaning I can see cars parked in my driveway. Huge difference.

Google Earth is fine for cities, but for rural areas it is useless.

you can add a layer of nasa usgs imagery to google earth :P , play with your layers a bit.

Google Earth is more versatile than Virtual Earth but it requires a stand alone application.

i find 3D buildings and cities in Virtual Earth to be alot better looking than Google Earth but the uses are limited.