Microsoft Virtual Earth gets a 48TB update

Over than past few months, the Microsoft Virtual Earth team has been preparing the service for one of it's biggest updates since the release. What's the definition of "one of it's biggest"? Well it's over 48TB of new and improved imagery. Chris Pendleton, Virtual Earth technical evangelist at Microsoft, announced that the service has updated it's global vector data for the majority of it's tile sets.

The update includes multilingual tile sets for all zoom levels, localized tile sets for Japan, and all Bird's Eye imagery has been updated with new road map labels. Microsoft has also added tons of new imagery data for the following countries: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Herzegovina, Hungary, Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Does your localized view look any different?

View: Microsoft Virtual Earth

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