Microsoft wants Germans to ride the 'Surface Love Train'

A few days ago, Microsoft used the Grammy Awards as their latest platform to promote the Surface. Now there's word that the company will be offering some folks in Germany a free ride from Hamburg to Munich aboard (and we are not making this up) the "Surface Love Train".

The Surface Germany website has the details on this new marketing scheme from Microsoft. Basically, anyone interested in taking a free ride between two of Germany's biggest cites can sign up on the page (obviously, there will only be a limited number of spots available). The trip begins in Hamburg on February 14th, which also happens to be Valentine's Day. The train will make stops at Cologne, Frankfurt and Ludwigsburg before arriving at Munich later that same day.

Microsoft is promoting the event as a way for German singles to find that special someone on Valentine's Day. Naturally, there will be Surface tablets to use while riding the rails and Microsoft will also provide free snacks and drinks along with some "surprising" entertainment. The trip appears to be one way so it's up to the passengers to find their own way back home once the "Surface Love Train" ends its trip in Munich.

Source: Microsoft Germany | Images via Microsoft

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yeah they show a lot of young singles in the pics..... but in reality it will be filled with 40+yr old people *lol*

Petite iPhone to Surface resting on its haunches: "That's all you know? One or at most two measly positions? Get back to me when you're familiar with the entire Kama Sutra."

Silly name...but just typical marketing. As long a they stick to what they are selling and leave any trash out of it, who cares.

That's actually kinda cool. Too bad about the part with the one-way trip, I could get on the train in Frankfurt but then what? Fly home from Munich? Still nice if you were going somewhere anyway.

Presumably by the time you get there you'll have fallen for a beautiful/handsome co-passenger and be able to fly high on the wings of love.

Featuring romantic background music of "Developer! Developer! Developer!...."
After all, Steve did get surgery after shouting out his passion on stage.

Will they provide free tablets too?

Microsoft will also provide free snacks and drinks along with some "surprising" entertainment
Strippers? Clowns? Stripper clowns? Stripper clowns jumping out of Surface-shaped cakes?