Microsoft Wants Yahoo

Stung by the loss of Internet advertising firm DoubleClick to Google last month, Microsoft has intensified its pursuit of a deal with Yahoo!, asking the company to re-enter formal negotiations, The Post has learned.

While Microsoft and Yahoo! have held informal deal talks over the years, sources say the latest approach signals an urgency on Microsoft's part that has up until now been lacking.

The new approach follows an offer Microsoft made to acquire Yahoo! a few months ago, sources said. But Yahoo! spurned the advances of the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant. Wall Street sources put a roughly $50 billion price tag on Yahoo!.

"They're getting tired of being left at the altar," said one banking source who has recently had talks with Microsoft. "They now seem more willing to extend themselves via a transaction to get into the game."

Part of the reason for that is because Google keeps trumping Microsoft on the deal front, beating out the company on not just DoubleClick, but also for a renewed search advertising pact with AOL in 2005 that Microsoft lusted after.

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All these mergers and aquisitions of and by mega-corporations have gotten completely out of hand – especially when this practice by one corporation forces another to try and do the same thing in order to compete.

The real problem here is that if this practice doesn't stop, it will ultimately lead to the merger of all corporations into one super-colossus (a friend of mine is betting on Walmart eventually owning everything), because the final contestants will be too powerful to stop. Indeed, the current groupings are probably already too powerful to stop, because in any meaningful sense of the word, most corporations are no longer 'independent':

And since these corporations control pretty much everything worth controlling – including governments and the media – there's no one out there left who can stop them.


Hey Walmart! I take back all those mean and nasty things I've said about you in the past!
I think you're a great company and I do all of my shopping with you! Really! :redface:

faraaz said,
wouldnt happen... those antitrust guys will stop them

You mean like they stopped Microsoft by splitting up the company in three parts, one for OS, one for media apps and one for MS Office?

Oh wait...

I was wondering how long it would took before the 2 giants went head-to-head. This should be interesting.... And could prove a big mistake for Microsoft if Yahoo never goes anywhere....

Microsoft is loudly voicing its opinion against the Google's DoubleClick acquisition and has asked regulators to carefully monitor the deal, yet they want to buy Yahoo!??


Well, I suppose the only product I like (Yahoo Widget Engine) will either be canned or come with Windows Genuine Annoyance (WGA).

denzilla said,
Well, I suppose the only product I like (Yahoo Widget Engine) will either be canned or come with Windows Genuine Annoyance (WGA).

Dont pirate and it wont be an annoyance.

gentoogod123 said,

Don't pirate and it wont be an annoyance.

I'm legit, so don't pass judgment without knowing the facts. Mindless sheep like you never stop to think maybe others don't enjoy being pestered with endless validations. I validated my copy upon install and activation. Microsoft is perfectly capable of recording the hardware and the amount of times a key has been used from the point of the first activation. All this other crap is needless redundancy that really shows just how freaking dysfunctional MS can be at times.

gentoogod123 said,

Dont pirate and it wont be an annoyance.

Wow. Yet another person on here that accuses everyone of stealing. GG. You deserve a cookie for your brilliance.

gentoogod123 said,

Dont pirate and it wont be an annoyance.

Theres also the culture thing. WGA and WPA is a world I don't wanto live in. Give me a Windows without Movie Maker, Media Player, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Messenger and I might just contribute to Microsofts monopoly.

>Very expected after Google/Doubleclick thing. Some sort of a deal with in best interest for both Yahoo and Microsoft >IMO.

Why do you think that if Yahoo can't compete with Google, and MS can't compete with Google, that MS + Yahoo will be able to compete with Google? If anything, I think it would be stupid for Google to buy Yahoo, but not terminally stupid, but it WOULD be terminally stupid, I think, for MS to buy Yahoo. The way I see it, Google wins either way, they either bankrupt Microsoft or at least put them seriously behind, buying a web service that can't compete with theirs, or they end up with Yahoo, and it works for them because they're Google and they can actually use Yahoo's resources. MS will try, but end up with something that's too little, too late.


I mean, if Microsoft owns Yahoo, every other second I'll get an error message "This website has performed an illegal operation". :X

Maysky said,
Microsoft is solving problem with their $$. What they can't beat, they buy.


Ya and only microsoft does that eh?

whatever helps your anti-ms rage continue I guess.
I dont want ms over my yahoo mails... it is the last bit of freedom over POP3 world.

It will be very interesting to see what's going to happend if Microsoft acquires Yahoo, So many services will be created and Live will just fly away with their path with different ideas. Live Chat, Live Games, Live Entertainment, Live 360...etc etc lol

It will be cool to see this happend.

I agree, everyone is crying about it and for what reason? It certainly couldn't be any worse than Yahoo is right now.

I would like Microsoft to buy Yahoo...there partnership will make google to push back..

Hotmail/yahoo mail & Office live(yeah..its coming!, but wont screw up your private data like what google did with its calendar!), tons of live services(*live drive*) are going to rock after this PDC 2007!

Who's going to buy who first, Microsoft or Google?

Maybe it's getting time to split up Microsoft and Google into several companies.

In one way this is great as MS has to deal with some heavy competition, on the other hand these 2 giants might just gobble everything up and then we're all screwed. Microoooooo--Hoo!

Thats why you want a giant to fight Google, even tho MS are big in everything , that specific segment of online services and search providing , Google are the absolute leaders .

Very expected after Google/Doubleclick thing. Some sort of a deal with in best interest for both Yahoo and Microsoft IMO.